Ways To Stay Healthy Over Christmas


What with the comfort of home, mountains of pigs in blankets and bucketfuls of mulled wine that we tend to consume over Christmas, it can be difficult trying to stay healthy and not returning to university feeling like you’ve eaten the entire contents of Sainsbury's. Of course, Christmas is a time for merriment and plenty and nothing should detract from this - whatever you do don’t give up any Christmas plans to go to the gym! - but there are a few simple thing you can do to make sure you come out the other end of the holidays feeling happy, healthy and ready for the term ahead.

Drink water

Its that old adage that seems to be prescribed as the cure for anything - but it's true! Water prevents you from becoming dehydrated by maintaining the fuid balance in your body, can make your skin better and can even help control calories. Its often said that sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually just thirsty. Have a glass of water and then decide if you still want something to eat. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day is also essential during the holiday period when you might be going out and drinking, as this will go someway towards reducing your hangover.

Enjoy Christmas activities

After the chaos of first term, it can be tempting to spend the entire winter holidays sitting on the sofa watching TV. Try and get some exercise in where you can, such as going for a long walk after dinner to aid digestion, or going ice skating.

Eat Fruit & Veg

It's been estimated that the average Christmas meal contains around 3000 calories, more than is needed in an entire day! Try and minimize this excessive consumption by piling up your plate with vegetables before reaching for the turkey and roast potatoes. Fill your plate as you would normally and determine if you are full or not before going back for seconds. Try and also consume a portion of fruit for breakfast, as this will help aid digestion throughout the day.

Get an Early Night

When you’re sleep deprived, the hunger hormone ghrelin is produced in excess, making you crave more carbohydrate rich foods. Enjoy the time you have off and go to bed without setting an alarm - there’ll be plenty of 9am’s for you next term. Eat Before You Go Out

Eat Before You Go Out

If you're going to a party or event where you know there’ll be lots of snacking food, try and eat a wholesome snack before you go, such as a banana on wholemeal toast. Whilst you’ll still be able to enjoy the food, you won’t feel the need to gorge yourself on fatty treats.

Ignore All Above Advice

In an ideal healthy world, we wouldn't’t enjoy Prosecco for breakfast or 12 roast potatoes for lunch, but this is what the joy of Christmas is all about! Of course, everything in moderation, but don’t worry if you end up eating more than you normally would, or spending hours watching Christmas films on a loop. After all, the main purpose of the winter holidays is to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries for the second half of the academic year.