Staying Active in College

As college students, we can get caught up in all of the stress of classes, friends, deciding what to eat at the dining hall and so much more. A lot of times, we forget to stop and think about ourselves and our health. Between all of the stress eating, forgetting to eat because we’re so busy, and just never wanting to walk all the way to the gym, staying healthy and active in college can be the most difficult 4.0 to get all semester! Here are some tips to stay happy and healthy this year:

  1. 1. Stay organized, and make a schedule planning out when you’re going to hit the gym

    Let’s be honest. After a long day of classes and doing homework, NO ONE wants to go to the gym. Without a specific schedule planning out your workouts, it can be hard to gain the motivation to get up and go to the gym. Planning your workouts around your schedule at times when you’re not busy can be a great way to motivate yourself to stay active. (Tip: Invest in a mat so you can do ab workouts at the gym, and even in your dorm room when you can’t find time to get to the gym.)  Setting time aside for working out can also be a great way to take time for yourself and clear your head from anything that might be stressing you out.

  2. 2. Take advantage of the classes offered on campus!

    Every semester, fitness classes are offered through the center for health and wellness. I took a Pilates class last fall in the Slade wellness studio and it was an awesome workout. The class and instructor were awesome, and the workout was super effective. I really started to see results towards the end of the semester, and I felt better physically and mentally. The classes cost around $50 and last for an entire semester, which is an AWESOME deal! Since you pay for the class at the beginning of the semester and its scheduled for once a week, you’ll feel more inclined to actually go to the class and get your workout in.

  3. 3. Check out fitness studios around the Waltham area

    There are some great studios around Bentley that offer classes during the week and on weekends. Fitness classes can be a perfect way for you and your friends to not only stay fit, but to leave campus and explore the surround areas! Some spots to work up a sweat near Bentley are Orange Theory, Fire Cycle, Pure Barre and Nolan Bros Boxing. Be sure to call the studios if you’re interested in taking a class, a lot of them offer discounts for students!

  4. 4. Try to walk to class a few times a week

    The Bentley Shuttle is always tempting, especially when you have a class in Adamian. Even though walking up the hills of Bentley can seem unbearable, try to avoid the shuttle and walk to class when the weather is nice! This can be a good way to get your steps in for the day, especially if your day is too packed to go to the gym. We all know the Smith stairs can be a struggle, but making the hike can be a really good way to get your heart going and burn some calories early on in your day, or even to end your day if you have a night bomb.

  5. 5. Always make time for yourself, and never take on more than you can handle

    At the end of the day, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you feel yourself getting too overwhelmed, just sit back and relax. Don’t feel guilty for skipping the gym when you have too much work or you’re having a bad day. Always take time for yourself, whether that means going to the gym, or even just sitting on your bed watching your favorite show. And if you want dessert, or an ice-cream cone from seasons after a long day, HAVE IT! Don’t deprive yourself of what you want or push yourself too hard, especially if you’re having a busy week.