The 27 Thoughts Every Girl Has At the Gym

1.      Okay you can do this. You made that New Years Resolution and now January is almost over. Better late than never right?

2.      Let’s start with a nice jog on the treadmill.

3.      Ugh, is this sports bra holding me in enough? I knew I should have worn 2.

4.      Why is this girl next to me running so fast?

5.      I think she wants to race!


6.      Let’s do this. What level is she on? 15!? Nevermind. I. will. fall.

7.      How does she look so good when she runs? Do I look like that too?

8.      Okay let’s see how long I’ve been running.

9.      How have I only been running for 3 minutes.

10.   I’ll just speed it up again and time will fly by.

11.   Just remember to breathe.

12.   Can everyone else hear me breathing this hard?

13.   How do these people run for so long? Def PEDs.

14.   I wonder what I’ll have for dinner later. I mean, that’s the only reason I’m here.. so I can eat more food later.

15.   This is so boring. I’ve never been this bored in my life.

16.   Maybe I could go and lift some weights. That isn’t intimidating at all…

17.   How the eff do I use this machine…?

18.   I think I just broke it. Maybe if I just walk away very slowly…

19.   I’ll just try the free weights.

20.   15 pounds… I can do that.

21.   Nope no I can’t.

22.   Crap is this a men only section? Why are they all staring at me?

23.   I better start doing something. I’ll just copy what that guy is doing.


25.   I’ll just stretch and call it a day.

26.   Sigh. One day I’ll have those 6 pack abs.

27.   But for now... I deserve some Currito!


Images courtesy of Giphy, PinImage, PopSugar & Tumblr