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18 Thoughts You Have During Your First Time at Soul Cycle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

We’ve all heard about it, the thing that’s becoming just like Starbucks and Lululemon to girls everywhere: Soul Cycle. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Soul Cycle is a chain of cycling-focused work out centers with 45-minute classes offered daily. I just went to my first session last week, and here are some of the thoughts that went through my head during my first time there.

1.) Wow, everyone is wearing sports bras and leggings, do we sweat that much?


2.) They give us a towel? How hard is this going to be?


3.) Okay, this seat is not moving up…how much of a newbie do I look like right now?


4.) My instructor seems really nice, if not a little intense


5.) Wow, this music is really cool. Where do they find these remixes?


6.) Alright, this pedaling isn’t too bad


7.) Nope, I lied, this is going to hurt


8.) She wants me to do arm workouts too??


9.) Ugh my towel dropped, and I’m sweating so much that I really need it.


10.) Sitting on the chair and then standing back up while pedaling is the worst thing in the entire world


11.) I hate this so much. I’m in so much pain.


12.) Yet I kind of enjoy it too…weird


13.) I feel like in order to be a Soul Cycle instructor, you have to be really good at motivational speaking


14.) How much longer do we have and how many more arm crunches do I have to do?!


15.) Finally done, can’t walk, legs and arms are jello


16.) I want to get in a shower right now; I have never been this sweaty before


17.) Wow, this does make me want to be healthy though. No more sugar, carbs, and fats for me—I’m going to be so healthy now!!


18.) Actually, I kind of want ice cream right now, I definitely deserve it.


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