Prioritizing Your Mental Health At College

Coming to a college such as Ashoka University means meeting people from all over the country and even from outside it. It means getting to know people from completely different walks of life. It means different ideas, food, culture, environment, hobbies, interests, and so much more. Between all this change and chaos, it is important to realise that your mental health is crucial. In fact, it should be your utmost priority. Dealing with mental health is personal and different for each individual. Still, I can offer some tips which can help people improve their mental health and overall well being.


1. Accept FOMO with open arms

For those of you not familiar with modern day abbreviations (good choice! Social media can be so toxic), FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out. There are many events and parties throughout college. So don't be afraid that you're going to skip the 'party of the year' that is going to be the talk of the town. You will always miss out on something, and it is essential to prioritize yourself without feeling anxious about what you will miss.


2. Create art, of any kind

 Every person is an artist in their own way. Yes, even you, who thinks you’re not a ‘creative person’ because you can’t even draw a single line. I’m here to tell you that you’re absolutely wrong, you artistic genius! Creating art can actually be extremely therapeutic and this art is not limited to just visual art, dancing, music or drama but a huge variety of things like simply doodling or experimenting with makeup!

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3. Organize your space

I know cleaning sounds like a pain (as an untidy person myself, I can definitely agree with that, and my roommate will vouch for the same!), but it really helps you re-organize your own mind. When the environment you’re in is clean and organized, your mental health is better as well.


4. Decorate, decorate and decorate!

Adding on to my earlier point, decorating your space also really helps! Be it decorating your room with fairy lights and pictures (yes it’s clichéd but so pretty) or with plants, art, and posters.

5. Meditation is the key

Meditation is often misunderstood to be religious. It helps keep you healthy and happy and is an incredible stress reliever. It can be considered ‘boring’ to shut your eyes and just breathe but trust me, it is definitely worth it.

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6. Look after your fitness and well being

Exercise is not only healthy for you physically but also mentally. It serves as a great break from your daily hectic schedule and the fresh breath of air when you’re running across on an open field is a feeling like no other. Oh, and of course, anything for a break from studying, right? (Even if it means panting and huffing and puffing along the way).

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7. Prioritise time for yourself

Amongst studying, being with friends and doing different activities, it is possible to forget to have time for your own self. This time is key because it helps you reflect and plan. Most importantly, it helps you relax. A good suggestion for the same could be journaling (Nobody can judge you for bad handwriting in your personal journal, right?....RIGHT?)

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8. Talk to loved ones back home and here

Your new friends can definitely be wonderful and amazing at understanding you but it is important to remember that sometimes all you need are some old friends and maybe your family to make you realise your self-worth. Every human being needs validation and self-assurance and there is nothing wrong with that (it is awesome to feel loved!)

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9. Try not to overthink

Sometimes we tend to over-analyse situations to the extent that we start finding negatives in a situation where they don’t exist. It is okay to take some situations at face value and not overthink them. You’re not some expert on every topic at hand. Give yourself a break. You deserve it (you go girl/boy/whatever else you may identify as!).

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10. Seek help if required

The most important thing is to actually seek help if you require it. There is absolutely nothing weak or shameful about it. Your mental health should be given just as much priority as your physical health, if not more. It will be most beneficial for your own self in the end. You are so brave, so courageous. I believe in you. You can do this.


Edited by Vasudha Malani (UG 2020)