I Tried A Barre Class and Here's What Happened

I have been dying to try a Barre class for a while now. I don't really know why exactly, but the thought of doing ballet moves while working out just sounded really cool. I wasn't really sure what to expect because I had never actually really looked into what it was all about, I just heard the hype and said, "Hm, maybe I should try it." So, naturally, I tried it.

If you don't know what barre is, it is basically a mixture of yoga, ballet, and pilates all in one. The exercises used in barre are pulled from different disciplines to create a workout focused on toning your muscles in a low impact way. 

I got to class with two of my besties and the instructor immediately told us to grab a set of dumbbells. Okay, I thought, I can do this. Just some 5 pounders should do the trick. Keep in mind, I had no clue what they were for or what I would be doing in this class.

I kept an open mind and when the instructor told us we would be doing a full body workout, I was excited. It hit everything I've been wanting to tone! Legs, arms, back, and core all in an hour. That is something I could get behind. It also reassured me that over half the class was new to barre, so I wasn't the only newbie.

So, we start out slow with some really nice leg exercises, and we do some ballet poses that made me feel super fancy. I was really enjoying it! We even threw in the arm motions. The main complaint I had there was that it was really hard for me to keep my balance, but that's a personal problem and it will only get better with time and practice. 

Things started to get intense when we started doing more legs, but it was still manageable. I handled it pretty well, considering I am new to this whole working out thing. Arms were even easier for me to do than legs. 

And then came the core. This is where it got really tough for me. I mean really tough. It was still manageable, but barely. I guess that's what happens when you have too much of a love for wine and ice cream, but those days are behind me now. *sigh* We did a lot of really good core workouts and added in the dumbbells for toning. I did a good job picking the 5 pounders considering the amount of reps we went through for each exercise. 

The reason I enjoyed this class so much was because it was definitely very practical. I usually hit some cardio and some machines while I am at the gym, never quite knowing if what I am doing is even going to make a difference, but this class helped me get a feel for the types of exercises I should be doing and can carry over into my personal workouts on the days that barre isn't an option. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my first barre class and would 10/10 recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying it. The music was great, the instructor was very reassuring and enthusiastic, and it was bearable for a beginner to accomplish. You will 100% be seeing me every Monday night at 5:30 in Mount Mitchell!