5 Childhood Self Care Ways


  1. Coloring BookTake some time off, and let your mind wander in a world of creativity, color, and solitude from the tediousness of "adulting." There are even "adult" coloring books out now!

  2. Tic Tac ToePlay a litte fun game of tic tac toe with  a co-worker, friend, or even a relative.  It takes only about 5 minutes per game, so you can definitely squeeze this in your busy schedule without leaving a huge dent.

  3. Board GamesAhhhhh....Yes, I remember these days! 

  4. Fairy Tale/Fiction Leisure ReadingRevisit a simpler time, and read some of your childhood favorites!

  5. Going to the Park to Play on the Slides, Obstacle Course, and sit your over grown self on animal statues, seesaws, etc.Yep, it's a thing. (Just in case you were wondering if I had lost my mind.) Play freeze tag, do an obstacle course, get on the see-saw, have a water balloon fight... HAVE A BLAST!