The 5 Self-Help Books Every Millennial Should Read

Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini

I have to confess: When I saw the cover at Waterstones, I simply couldn’t resist. Not only does the writer look beautiful and amazing, so does her book. Every time I finished a section of the book, I felt better and uplifted. Ambrosini has this amazing ability to make readers feel good about themselves while sharing her story and tips concerning relationships.

I’m going to buy her first book ‘Master Your Mean Girl’ soon and I’m looking forward to her upcoming projects because this woman is simply awesome!

The Inner Fix by Jo Bradley and Persia Lawson

I read this book while recovering from a negative experience in Italy with a man. The book is raw and honest. You accompany the two authors Jo and Persia through their twenties, where they are struggling to find jobs as actresses and have painful obstacles they need to overcome. Some chapters are really harsh, but it gave me the feeling that I’m not the only person in the world who struggles in life. Persia works now as a love coach and Jo as therapist. I bought the book after seeing Persia Lawson live on stage. She captured me with her performance and when she talked about soulmates, I decided to give it a go with her ‘Attract your soulmate ‘meditation. And guess what? I actually found the person already long time ago before doing the mediation for three weeks.

Hungry For More by Mel Wells

Mel Wells is a woman with a powerful energy, but also the voice of our generation. When looking at the problems many women and men have to face, our relationship with food tells us more about what we want in life. While the Goddess Revolution focused more on the relationship with food and body image, this book concentrates more on the different aspects in our life which we would like to improve, but try to ignore and numb it with food or other harmful experiences. You will recognize the core of your problems and learn what makes you happy in life again. I loved this book so much that I decided to give it to a complete stranger. When I was staying at a hostel in London, I put the book in one of the shelves they had. I hope that whoever who finds the book, will smile because I left a note inside.

You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life by Jess Sincero

Now if I had to choose which book you should buy or read first, I’d suggest this one. I think this book is the most approachable among the five I’ve recommended as one doesn’t have to be necessarily spiritual to understand the message of the book. Sincero is very straightforward and tells you how you got ‘there’, no matter what situation it is: Your bad relationship with your partner, your financial situation, or why you feel depressed and unhappy most of the time. Her book reminds me of a good pep-talk from a friend who believes in you and supports you whatever you do in your life. Every chapter opens with an inspiring quote. My favourite is this one:

‘You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too.’ - Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; Indian philosopher, social revolutionary, author, composer

She breaks her book down into different parts and chapters like ‘How You Got This Way’, ‘How To Embrace Your Inner Badass?’,  and ‘Fear is for suckers.’

If you want to get a kick from the universe and make things happen to feel better and live a fulfilling life, this book is the one for you, because I believe this book is like the lavender among the essential oils and herbs.

Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon

Emma Mildon is a goddess. This book is for those who want to dive deeper. If you’re into mythology, psychology, spirituality, and a bit of magic, then this is the right book for you. It inspires every woman out there in the world by learning more about the women who came before us and that every woman has magic within her. You will learn more about yourself through the goddess archetypes and Emma will give you the necessary tools and hints concerning your life purpose and how to look after yourself – in other words: self-care. Through the use of rituals and getting to know yourself better with the different archetypes, you discover that there is a whole new world out there. So what are you waiting for? Get your goddess on, sister!;-)

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