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Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
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Who Is Kacia? This ‘LIB’ Cast Member Also Dated Marshall

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. Another season of Love Is Blind has come and gone — and this reunion was a messy one. And although I found Zack and Micah’s fight to be one of the most OMG moments of the reunion, there’s another moment that’s still on my mind. And it’s about Marshall. (No, he’s not dating Iyanna.)

Marshall became a fan favorite after audiences saw how much this man endured during his time on the show. After being in a love triangle in the pods, Marshall eventually won the heart of Jackie, and the two walked out of the pods engaged. However, it didn’t take long for things to go South — Jackie began having second thoughts about Marshall. So much so that she started to rekindle a relationship with another fling from the pods, Josh.

The Jackie-Marshall-Josh saga is a complicated one. In summary, once Jackie realized she didn’t want to pursue anything further with Marshall, she broke things off and started dating Josh. Their breakup was messy, especially when they had a tense moment about who would be keeping the ring.

Given that this moment was totally awkward, it’s no wonder that it came up at the reunion. While Jackie and Josh didn’t attend the reunion, the two actually talked to Vanessa Lachey over Zoom on April 15. In this exclusive interview, Lachey asked Jackie why she wanted to keep the ring, and why Marshall thought he should have. It was then that Jackie said that Mashall wanted to use the ring to propose to another cast member. Wait… what?

Yup, it’s true — Marshall did date another cast member… kind of. Marshall then revealed that the cast member in question’s name is “Kacia,” and the two had briefly gone out after his breakup with Jackie. He also reiterated that he wasn’t planning to propose to Kacia, and that he wanted the ring back because he saw it as a “symbol of his love.”

So, who is Kacia? I took a little peek through the internet to find out more about this unaired LIB alum.

According to her official cast announcement, Kacia is a 31-year-old family support specialist based in Seattle, Washington. Her social media bio lists herself as a “mental health advocate” and a “youth mentor” alongside the Love Is Blind Netflix tag. And while she and Marshall aren’t together anymore (that we know of), the two still follow each other on social media — so things probably ended on OK terms.

Is Kacia From ‘Love is blind’ On Instagram?

Yes, she is! You can find out more about Kacia on her Instagram, @kacia.marie. There are no photos of Marshall, but there are a ton of cute ‘fit pics. Did I just find my new favorite account?

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