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jackie, marshall, and josh on love is blind season 4
jackie, marshall, and josh on love is blind season 4
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Twitter Is Taking Sides On The Jackie, Marshall, & Josh Love Triangle

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. Welp, looks like reality has finally struck the cast of Love Is Blind Season 4. Netflix dropped the second batch of episodes on March 31, and the engaged couples are moving back to Seattle to adjust to “normal life” as partners who have literally only known each other for a solid two weeks. Away from the beautiful resort beaches, and the windowless pod rooms that are sure to give anyone cabin fever, this is where the cast’s true colors come out… and when the drama really begins.

In typical Love Is Blind fashion, some of the old matches from the pods come back and party with the currently engaged couples. And the reunion is always sure to shake things up and, sometimes, break things up.

But first, a recap. Episode 7 saw the first fight between fan-favorite couple Jackie and Marshall. And to say it was messy would be a complete understatement. In an argument that occurred off-camera, Jackie had told Marshall that she wants him to be more forward and aggressive, to which Marshall felt that Jackie wasn’t calling him “man enough.” Presumably, the two had taken a night apart. So, when Marshall came back into his shared apartment with Jackie, the fight only continued.

After airing out both of their frustrations with their sex life, Jackie asked Marshall why he was still with her. His reply? “I see you as a project, and I saw potential.” Oh, yikes.

They yell more. They hug. And then things get even messier.

At a birthday party for Chelsea, other matches from the pods show up, including Jackie’s other match Josh. In the pods, Jackie was torn between Josh and Marshall, which prompted the two guys to butt heads over her. In the end, Jackie chose Marshall. But, once Josh showed up at the party, it seemed as though Jackie’s feelings weren’t resolved.

As soon as Josh arrives, the rest of the cast doesn’t seem too pleased. Josh picks a fight with Marshall, taunts him by saying he’s going to “steal his girl,” and flirts with Jackie in front of her fiancee. I swear to you, you can feel the tension through the screen.

At one point, Jackie and Josh sit alone together and talk. While talking down on Marshall (for, like, having emotions), Josh asks Jackie to choose him instead, and the episode ends on a total cliffhanger.

So, until the next episodes drop, Twitter is having some feelings.

For the most part, they’re hopping on the #TeamMarshall wagon.

Some just think the two would be better off separating.

For the most part, though, Josh isn’t winning any hearts.

And it seems like, after this whole ordeal, they’re not feelin’ Jackie either.

Here’s to hoping Marshall and Josh find the love they deserve, whether that’s with or without each other.

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