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Vanessa Lachey Had Something To Say About The ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion Delay

Is anyone else annoyed ATM? On April 16, Netflix was set to air the live reunion of Love Is Blind Season 4. However, when the time came for the reunion to stream, the internet was met with a huge delay… like, almost an entire hour delay. However, it didn’t take long for the show’s host, Vanessa Lachey, to respond.

While fans were anxiously waiting, Lachey kept audiences updated on what was happening behind the scenes. From IG Stories to tweets, it seemed like everyone was looking to the host for some kind of answer for WTF was going on. And so, when Lachey posted an Instagram post updating us all on the delay, the internet had no choice but to listen.

In her post, Lachey addressed the delay saying, “Apparently, everybody broke the internet!” She continued to say, “We’re not asking any questions to anybody until we are streaming live into your living rooms.” Well, can’t say that I don’t appreciate it, Vanessa!

Along with her video, Lachey also took to Twitter to share some BTS photos, including one where she poked fun at the moment when fan favorite Tiffany fell asleep in the pods. Honestly, after waiting for hours for the reunion to come, I was feeling a lot like Tiffany — it’s past my bedtime, Netflix.

After lots of waiting, it finally became clear that the internet would remain broken, at least for a little bit. Netflix put out their own statement on Twitter, announcing that the reunion would no longer be live. They apologized for the situation and said they would move forward with recording it, and putting it out to fans “as soon as possible.”

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