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Zack Clapped Back At Irina At The ‘LIB’ Reunion

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. To say that the Season 4 reunion of Love Is Blind was uneventful, would be a total lie. After starting off with a bang — AKA, a massive delay — Netflix broke the news that the reunion would be (essentially) rescheduled to air later on in the evening. However, some lucky fans were able to watch the reunion as it aired, and the tea was just too hot to keep secret.

Irina made a name for herself as one of the main villains in Season 4. Originally engaged to Zack, Irina reached total villain status when she made no attempt to hide her lack of attraction to Zack. Along with this, Irina also flirted with her TV bestie Micah’s man, Paul, and constantly poked fun at Zack’s appearance and personality. Irina and Zack ended things after the honeymoon — and save for a few little appearances in the first few episodes, Irina slowly slipped out of the picture. Zack got back together with Bliss, and the two eventually got married. Cool. Great. Naturally, the drama should be done by now… right?

Not exactly. Despite leaving the show before heading to the altar, Irina made an appearance at the show’s live reunion. As soon as she sat down, Irina addressed the controversies surrounding her time on the show, and attempted to clear her name and gain some sort of redemption arc. However, Zack wasn’t ready to let anything go, and he let Irina have it. Namely, by alleging that Irina was only on the show to “get famous.”

Naturally, due to the ex-couple’s existing drama, the internet went wild.

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