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Did Jackie Actually Cheat On Marshall? ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Are Pissed

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. OK, besties. If you also just finished this season of Love Is Blind, then I’m positive we have a lot to talk about. And I mean, a lot. Season 4 was full of drama, but, for me, nothing really tops the whole saga involving Jackie, Josh, and Marshall.

The drama between these three started on day one. In the pods, Jackie found herself in a love triangle with Josh and Marshall: she was attracted to Josh’s “bad boy” personality (literally rolling my eyes) and found it hard to accept a more gentle kind of love from Marshall. At the end of the day, in the pods, Jackie chose Marshall and the two left Seattle engaged.

During the honeymoon, the couple became a fan favorite. In Mexico, they seemed silly and in love, and it appeared that this pairing had the makings to get to the altar. However, the honeymoon phase came and went, and after a big fight between the couple, things went downhill fast.

In Episode 8, Kwame throws a birthday party for his fiancé Chelsea the night of Marshall and Jackie’s big fight. When the two see each other at the party, things are definitely awkward. But it only gets worse when Jackie’s ex from the pods, Josh, crashes and professes his love for Jackie.

While fans were trapped on a cliffhanger for a week, Episodes 9 and 10 offered them the resolution they needed. In the episode, Jackie meets up with Josh and she decides she would rather be with him. They talk it out, high, and then kiss before Jackie goes home to break up with Marshall. Wait… rewind. That timing is a little too messy for me.

To make matters even worse, Jackie ditched her wedding dress fitting to meet up with Josh. Yup, that’s right: While Marshall was shopping for his tux, Jackie was out at lunch with another dude. Then, when she actually did break up with Marshall, and he asked for the ring back, she said she was keeping it. After all of that? All I can say is “oof.”

Perhaps it’s just the editing, and we missed a conversation between the couple before her decision together with Josh. But all I know is, Twitter is pissed.

I mean, it’s expected. Twitter truly is #TeamMarshall.

Josh’s dangly earring may have something to do with it.

With all of this drama, I can only hope this gets addressed at the reunion. Can April 17 come any sooner?

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