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Get Your Sass On With These Iconic Sayings & Phrases From The Kardashians

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is famous for many things from questionable romances and showstopping looks to powerful business ventures. However, their most iconic moments are unplanned. 

The Kardashian-Jenners are personalities to say the least, which is why their reality TV reign is still going strong. In 2007, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) first aired, bringing all the drama and chaos that’s lasted viewers decades. KUWTK ended in 2021, but the Kardashians and their iconic behavior are still going strong. In 2022, The Kardashians premiered on Hulu and the jaw-dropping moments were back. On and off screen, the Kardashians are always providing fans with memorable phrases that go down in pop-culture history. From “Kim, there’s people that are dying” to “ABCDEFG I have to go,” here are 40 iconic sayings that should be in a KarJenner verse dictionary. Learn the language before The Kardashians Season 4 premieres on Sept. 28. 


This is like the “hello” of the Kardashian-Jenner language. Bible? Bible. When someone says “bible” it means they are telling the truth. So the next time your friend is giving you the most out-of-pocket tea, simply go: “Bible?” 

“I don’t have to be walking around like some peasant. I’m royalty!” – Scott Disick

BRB, putting this on a sticky note for my morning affirmations in the mirror. 

“You’re doing amazing, sweetie.” – Kris Jenner 

Maybe it’s the momager in her, but Kris Jenner knows how to make you feel like a girlboss. “You’re doing amazing, sweetie” first spawned in Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she was supporting Kim at a Playboy shoot. The iconic phrase made its return in Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” music video and then recently in The Kardashians when Kris was supporting Kylie while grocery shopping. Safe to say, it’s a universal phrase. 

“Kim, there’s people that are dying.” – Kourtney Kardashian

Sometimes you just need a reality check and Kourtney is just the person to give you one. The Kim diamond earring debacle of circa 2011 is engrained in history. 

“Would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister’s going to jail.” – Kris Jenner 

I don’t know who is more iconic in this scene: Kim taking selfies as Khloé is on her way to jail or Kris putting her in her place. Kim is literally me in any minor inconvenience. 

“Never go against the family.” – Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian 

One thing about the Kardashian-Jenner clan: They will always have each other’s backs. And if all their exes and ex-best friends didn’t learn this already, you never go against the family. 

“I’m literally built as an athlete. Every blood test I’ve ever done has said that I am like over the normal limit of athleticness.” – Kendall Jenner 

Honestly, I love Kendall for her confidence. This iconic line turned into a viral TikTok trend where users shared their sports fails and I still think about it daily. 

“Cause I’m gonna get wasted! I just finished a cold cup of ‘42 and I’m ’bout to go for a second one.” – Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner is the girl minding her own business yet exudes main character energy. It’s giving King Kylie era (IYKYK). 

“Get your f*cking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”  – Kim Kardashian 

Controversial? Yes. Iconic? Also yes. 

“Just gotta chop up some cucumber…” – Kendall Jenner

Kendall then proceeds to invent the most chaotic way to cut veggies. I’m still dying over this. 

“Don’t be f*cking rude.” – Kim Kardashian

Just channel your inner Kim K when you want to tell off your haters. 

“I’ll cry at the end of the day. Not with fresh makeup” – Kim Kardashian

Listen, a fresh beat and full glam is a full-time job on its own. Kim K is so real for this. 

“And I feel like this year is really about like, the year of realizing stuff.” – Kylie Jenner

Mentally, I’m still in circa 2016 when Kylie’s New Year’s resolutions came out. For the rest of 2023, I’m just going to be realizing stuff, too. 

“I will go so f*cking crazy on everyone if they touch one thing in this room.” – Kim Kardashian 

Me when I’m getting overstimulated. 

“Rise and shine.” – Kylie Jenner

If this isn’t the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning, are you even a real Kardashian-Jenner stan? 

“Who’s gonna want to deal with the drams?” – Kim Kardashian

One: The Kardashians love to make up new words. I’m saying drams for drama from here on out. Two: Kim said this when she was complaining about being single. Does she not realize she’s the Kim Kardashian? 

“These are the years I’m supposed to be naked everywhere in the streets.” – Kylie Jenner 

I feel like Kylie just gets us 20-somethings. Let this be your new mantra anytime you get a job rejection or that post-grad era is hitting hard

“No one’s laughing.” – Penelope Disick 

Humbled immediately. Penelope is going to be an It Girl.

“I’m ready to go home. I’m forcing myself to stay here right now for dinner.” – Kendall Jenner 

The girls who get it, get it and the girls who don’t, don’t. Sometimes social batteries just run out and as Ms. Kendall proved, that’s OK. 

“I got married in Italy. Am I saying you copied me by getting married in Italy? Who performed at my wedding? Andrea Bocelli. Who performed at Kourtney’s wedding? Andrea Bocelli. You stole my f*cking wedding country and my wedding performer.” – Kim Kardashian 

This line is my Roman Empire. It’s one of those lines that you can recite word for word against your own will. And like many iconic Kardashian sayings, it turned into a TikTok trend

“Auntie Kris, it’s me, Todd Kraines.” – Scott Disick 

I hate to say it, but Scott Disick’s alter ego, Todd Kraines, is one of the best moments from KUWTK. 

“I have all the time, all the money, and all of the resources to burn them all to the f*cking ground.” – Kim Kardashians

POV: Me after going down a deep dive into my enemy’s Instagram, their best friend’s Instagram, and their cousin’s Instagram. It’s exhausting being an undercover detective.

“ABCDEFG I have to go.” – Kourtney Kardashian 

Kourtney Kardashian invented the Irish exit — I don’t make the rules.

“I love long nails. They give me energy.” – Khloé Kardashian

Khloé has mantras for every occasion. Make this one your next Instagram caption for your fall nails

“I’m a miserable person that likes to take wonderful selfies all day long.” Khloé Kardashian 

As I was saying, Khloé is the queen of Instagram captions. 

“You’re cute jeans.” – Kendall Jenner 

The confusion in this scene just makes it even better. If you really want to flirt with your crush, but also throw them off, include this compliment in there. 

“If you’re not into what I’m posting, don’t look.” – Kim Kardashian

BRB, typing this to all my haters.

“Yes, Satan?” – Khloé Kardashian 

In my opinion, Khloé is the comedic relief of the Kardashian-Jenner family. She lets her intrusive thoughts out and I love her for that. This is just one of her many lines that work perfectly for talking to both your bestie and your enemy. She’s versatile!

“Thank God I have no friends.” – Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney never fails to remind me it’s quality over quantity when it comes to friends. 

“I didn’t come this far, just to come this far and not be happy, remember that!” – Kim Kardashian 

Yes, it might be a part of Drake’s “Search & Rescue,” but the line was originally in the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians — put some respect on her name!

“Yes, Robert. What do you want now, more money, a check, a car, my soul?” – Khloé Kardashian 

The urge to say this whenever someone bothers you when you’re busy binge-watching your comfort show. 

“There’s a lot of baggage that comes with us, but it’s like Louis Vuitton baggage; you always want it.” – Kim Kardashian

When you’re trying to convince a job to hire you with zero experience and trauma from college.

“You know, I’ve realized that I’m probably just perfect and it’s everybody around me that’s got issues.” – Scott Disick 

Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”…who is she? 

“I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like.” – Kylie Jenner 

Kylie is just like the rest of us. There’s nothing like the debrief after a photoshoot going through the hundreds of photos to just pick one. 

“I was just basically DTF.” – Kim Kardashian

Kim K summing up situationships in one sentence is everything I needed and more.

“​​How Can People Not Answer Their Phones At 7am? It’s Almost Lunchtime.” – Kris Jenner 

When your friend isn’t answering the phone when you’re in a crisis. 

“Let’s just not hate on a girl who finally knows what she deserves.” – Kourtney Kardashian 

Say it louder for the people in the back! 

“Liar!” – Khloé Kardashian

Ms. Koko deserves the best, so when she was shouting “Liar!” at a scene of Tristan Thompson during The Kardashians premiere, I was jumping up and down. Icon behavior. 

“I am unsubscribing from this drama.” – Kourtney Kardashian

I’m putting my phone on Do Not Disturb and entering my “can’t be bothered” era.

“It’s just never been my thing, not into it — so, not approved by me.” – Kim Kardashian 

Kim getting the ick just proves no one and nothing is safe.

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