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In The “It’s Just Never Been My Thing” TikTok Trend, Creators Have The Ick

Slow walkers. Being cold. People who abbreviate words unnecessarily. When your crush asks for your Snapchat. We all have pet peeves in life, and sometimes, it’s impossible not to get the “ick” when you encounter aggravating situations. Maybe it drives you nuts when passengers crowd the gate at airports or you will never understand the world’s obsession with Y2K fashion. Maybe you can’t stand public speaking or you want to abolish 8 AM classes forever. If you can think of a million things that give you the “ick,” you’ll love the “It’s Just Never Been My Thing” TikTok trend inspired by Kim Kardashian. 

In the new trend, creators are shamelessly listing their pet peeves, from large social gatherings and hookup culture to Cancer and Libra men. The goal of the trend is to come up with as many “icks” as possible, like TikToker @victoriaaveyard, who can’t deal with silver jewelry, chipped nails, Bachelor Nation, or Game of Thrones season eight (which I, too, will never be over). Whether you can’t stand answering your phone or you’re driven to madness when book characters say “I love you” before page 100, get ready to share what ticks you off on TikTok. 

Where did the “It’s Just Never Been My Thing” TikTok trend originate?

This Kardashian-inspired trend was born when a creator posted this TikTok featuring a 2019 Kim K interview with Harper’s Bazaar. In the video, Kim is asked to discuss various fashion trends, from kitten heels and biker shorts to denim underwear. When eventually asked about her opinion on bucket hats, it’s clear that she does not approve. In the video, she says, “I do not like a bucket hat. It’s just never been my thing, not into it — so, not approved by me.”  

Now, creators are using part of Kim’s quote to highlight things they don’t approve of, either. In the trending sound on TikTok, you’ll hear: “It’s just never been my thing, not into it — so, not approved by me.” The exclusion of the “bucket hat” portion leaves room for creators to complain about whatever they want. The results are hilarious, relatable, and the best part is, the trend is relatively easy to try. 

In the viral trend, TikTokers are listing their pet peeves.

Creators all over the world are using Kim K’s catchy soundbite to call out items, situations, and people they can’t stand. For example, @darcymcqueenyyy doesn’t approve of seafood, early mornings, slow drivers, or sparkling water and @__jasminenguyen is not about silver jewelry, EDM, or cold pizza. TikToker @jadaaapearlll’s pet peeves include being cold, bone-in wings, and mascara on bottom lashes and @mao.tao would rather do anything besides deal with checking her grades, the dark, or Euphoria

Some creators have made lighthearted versions of the trend, like @sm6band who doesn’t approve of people simping over Draco Malfoy, and @ilovepickels22, who is anti-cow print and does not believe in White Claw. Other creators list slightly more serious pet peeves, like TikToker @baileedaniellewhite1, who doesn’t approve of gossip or judgment at the gym, and @zigguart who despises having to go to school for a full week. Whatever situations get your gears grinding, now is your chance to make a list and call them out on TikTok.

To replicate the trend, use the trending audio from Kim Kardashian and list as many of your “icks” as possible.

While some TikTok trends require lots of thought, planning, and even cinematic prowess to recreate, you don’t have to overthink the Kim K trend to take part in the fun. Before opening TikTok, simply grab your notes app and list as many of your pet peeves as possible, whether the list includes acrylic nails and overplucked eyebrows or couples who wear matching outfits. Then, save the Kim K soundbite here, have your list of “icks” handy, and record yourself mouthing the words to Kim’s dialogue. Then, copy and paste each “ick” as text overlay on your video — ideally with the various words framing your face, like @ravenelysetv does here. Then, make sure you’re using the trending soundbite in the background, and voila! Add a witty caption and optional hashtags, and you’re good to go.  

Whether your pet peeves are common and recognizable or super niche, it’s safe to say we all have things that push our buttons. Sadly, as much as we’d like for these occurrences to be canceled, it’s likely that many of our “icks” aren’t going away anytime soon. Maybe you’ll never understand why math exists, or your dad keeps suggesting that you start making coffee at home instead of spending money at Starbucks. (Dad, it’s called #selfcare!). Whatever it is you can’t stand, share your list via the “It’s Just Never Been My Thing” TikTok trend and join the 140,000+ creators who most likely also disapprove.

Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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