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The Female Version Of The “Roman Empire” Trend Is So Accurate, It’s Scary

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok recently, you’ve probably come across lots of female versions of the “Roman Empire” videos on your FYP. But what exactly does this trend mean

After learning how often their male partners think about the Roman Empire, women shared their surprise on TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter). On Sept. 14th, the trend took an entirely different turn when Los Angeles-based influencer Emmy Rener posed a question, asking women to share their versions of the Roman Empire, to her more than 237K TikTok followers. 

The video, which has over 12.5K comments and even more stitches, encourages users to share random topics that women think about on a daily basis — bonus points if it’s something that could potentially shock men. While some have suggested other historical events, ranging from the Salem Witch Trials to Princess Diana’s death, other answers just hit too close to home. 

Their friendship breakups

I literally think about her once a week, if not more. All credit to @Torijjensen #romanempire

♬ original sound – Jade

Fact: Friendship breakups hit way harder than romantic ones. When you put a history of positive memories alongside the rush of sadness, and sometimes even the sting of betrayal, it’s the perfect recipe for emotional turmoil.

what their high school classmates are up to

#stitch with @emmy i will never unfollow these people on instagram

♬ original sound – Morgan

I highly agree with this one. Whether it’s a close friend I’ve slowly drifted away from, or just an acquaintance, I can’t not keep up with their lives and cheer them on from afar. Some of them have hit the unfollow button on me, but I can’t bring myself to do the same. I’m way too emotionally invested for that.

physical safety & crime

And it’s not just because we binge-watch shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds. Especially when it’s dark outside, we never know when a stranger could put us in danger with their actions. Man, I love being a woman in my 20s in this day and age (not). 

Taylor Swift

In addition to keeping ourselves safe, it’s impossible to not think about Taylor Swift at least once a day. With her blockbuster Eras Tour, the singer, songwriter, and performer of our generation is continuing to build her own empire. Honestly, it can’t hold a candle to the one the Romans had.

this iconic gilmore girls scene

No explanation needed, this scene from Season 5, Episode 8 of Gilmore Girls is one of the most memorable moments in TV history. Can anyone else recite the dialogue in their sleep?

tom holland’s lip sync battle performance of “umbrella”

Okay, be honest – how many times have you re-watched this breathtaking clip? Dare I say, it might surpass Rihanna’s by a mile. 

harry styles

His dancing — along with the way he spreads positivity and kindness — is just chef’s kiss. You’d have to be cold-hearted not to adore him. As I, along with many others, still struggle to move on from HSLOT, I’ve got my beloved fruit man on my mind all the time.

Karly Ramnani is a junior at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, studying music industry, with a strong passion for art and journalism. They discovered this amazing community shortly after starting college, and are super stoked to a national writer for Her Campus this semester. Karly worked with Her Campus in Fall 2022 as well, as the Entertainment & Culture Editorial Intern. Other outlets they've written for include All Country News, The Honey Pop, Medium, Newsbreak, and their own startup music blog Playlists & Polaroids. They currently serve as a campus ambassador for Amazon Prime Student and Tinder. When they're not writing blogposts and music reviews, you can find them composing and performing music, putting their nose in a rom-com book, binge watching "The Summer I Turned Pretty," or crying over Taylor Swift.