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How Long Were Alix Earle & Tyler Wade Together? Here’s The Timeline

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t have TikTok, it’s likely that you know who Alix Earle is. The 22-year-old University of Miami student has been all over social media, and to say that the internet is loving her would be a big understatement. The thing is, Earle isn’t going viral for making crazy videos: her content mainly consists of chill GRWMs and a strict no-gatekeeping policy. According to TikTok, Earle is for the girls — and they love her for it.

However, with so many eyes on Earle, TikTok is bound to become invested in other areas of the college student’s life, including dating. For the last few months, Earle has been pretty public about her relationship with MLB player Tyler Wade. The two have gone on trips, weddings, and other events together, and Wade has made several appearances on Earle’s TikTok page. Recently, fans of Earle noted Wade’s absence on her social media, especially on her birthday. Amidst the swirl of breakup rumors, Earle decided to pop onto social media to clear the air: she and Wade broke up.

Since the breakup, Earle hasn’t been shy in letting the girlies know what happened between the two — her breakup TikToks have been nothing short of iconic, TBH. But, if you’re curious about the full history between the two, I’ve taken the time to create a relationship timeline. You’re welcome, BTW.

Sept. 9: It’s official.

On Sept. 9, Earle posted a GRWM TikTok where she announces her official cuffing status. “The way he asked me out was actually really cute,” Earle gushes as she applies her makeup. Fans were quick to find out who Earle was dating, with one user asking, “Is it the baseball guy in your comments lol” to which Earle replied, “Hahaha yes”.

Sept. 10: Earle Makes it TikTok official.

In her previous video, Earle says that she’ll post a video of how Wade asked her to be official in users were interested. They obviously were. On Sept. 10, Earle took to TikTok to post the video, which featured candlelight and a giant “Will you be my GF?” written in rose petals across the bed. Ah, young romance.


Replying to @giaortmuller like come on.

♬ harry is the loml – maddie

However, that’s not the only TikTok Earle posted about Wade on Sept. 10. Earle also posted her first TikTok with Wade in it, doing the “Bound 2” trend.


He begged me to do this

♬ Bound 2 – dya ♫

Sept. 14: Earle & Wade Make another TikTok.

A few days after making things official, Wade makes another appearance on Earle’s TikTok. Set to the “But wait, can you talk for a sec?” audio, Earle pokes fun at the collective TikTok thirst for Wade, captioning the video “I can’t blame them.” Wade comments under the video, “Hahaha I’m dying!! This is too funny [laughing emoji].”


I don’t blame them @TylerWadee

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Oct. 5: Earle shares her and wade’s at-home date night.

Almost a month into their relationship, things seemed to be going well with the TikTok couple. On Oct. 5, Earle posted a video sharing the cute details of her and Wade’s at-home date night, featuring homemade tacos and spicy margaritas. Not going to lie, I was really focused on the food — those tacos looked like they SLAPPED.

Nov. 5: Earle & Wade Attend A Wedding Together.

On Nov. 4, Earle posted a TikTok packing for a wedding, and shares that she’s bringing Wade as her plus one. The next day, Earle posted several videos of the two getting ready for the event — if I’m being honest, they looked fantastic. They really were a good-looking couple, OK?

Nov. 20: The couple takes NYC.

In a series of TikToks, Earle shares vlogs of her and Wade’s trip to NYC. While most of them are GRWMs, Earle posted a video of her and Wade in the backseat of a car… and it didn’t age well. In the video, Earle is being her usual silly self and dancing, while Wade sits stoically next to her. The caption? “He hates me”. Oop.

While the caption was a joke, it’s kind of crazy to look back on now — especially in light of their breakup.

Nov. 26: Earle & Wade Attend another wedding together.

On Nov. 26, Earle and Wade reunited to go to another wedding together, this time in Georgia. On Earle’s Instagram, she shares several photos of her in a stunning black dress, and even included a super cute pic of herself and Wade.

After their breakup, Earle would go on to share that, after this wedding, Wade didn’t post photos with Earle. Instead, he posted photos of himself from the event. Truthfully, if Alix Earle was my date to a wedding, I’d make sure the whole world knew about it.

Dec. 10: Earle heads to California with Wade.

On Dec. 10, Earle posted a TikTok that she was in California with Wade. She shares that the trip wasn’t planned, and that she didn’t even bring clothes to wear. Good thing that the girl can pull off anything, even her ex’s clothes.


Wait for Tyler’s appearance at the end

♬ original sound – alix earle

Dec. 19: it’s over.

Following Earle’s birthday — where Wade was noticeably absent — Earle posted a TikTok lipsynching the words to “Kill Bill” by SZA. Let’s just say, they aren’t friendly.

Later that night, Earle popped onto TikTok live to spill the tea on her breakup. After that, she posted a video of herself in a private jet with the “Damn, y’all broke up? Nah, she broke, I’m up” audio. Honestly? Seems like icon behavior, and I think our girl is doing absolutely fine. Team Alix!

Her Campus reached out to Wade’s team for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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