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What Is Alix Earle’s ‘Hot Mess’ Podcast About? Here’s The Tea

The GRWM queen Alix Earle is taking on a new business venture: her very own podcast! The TikToker announced on Sept. 14 that she will host a podcast called Hot Mess With Alix Earle, which will be produced by Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network. Naturally, fans are going crazy over this news and are excited for the podcast to launch on Sept. 21. Some are also curious to know what this podcast is going to be about. Luckily for them, we have the tea!

The podcast news comes weeks after the internet was convinced the Earle family was getting their own reality show, but Earle is here to clear up the rumors and tell her own story. The Hot Mess podcast will give a glimpse into the chaotic life of TikTok’s favorite It Girl, beyond the GRWMs and glamorous lifestyle. 

Earle is transparent about struggles she faces in her early adult years, and she will dive even deeper into this on her podcast.

Earle first got her rise to fame in 2020 when she started a wave of authenticity on TikTok through her candid GRWM videos, where she discussed personal topics, such as her struggle with acne and her time at the University of Miami. Though her life was portrayed to be glamorous through the traveling videos and a glitzy going out lifestyle, what really gained Earle a fanbase was the hot mess behind the screen. She never shied away from showcasing the chaos that goes on in her life, whether it be the quintessential college house she was living in or the messy room lurking behind the GRWM desk. Earle is incredibly real and honestly relatable. 

Naturally, the TikTok sensation became a celebrity and started branching out to more exciting business ventures. The most recent being her signing to the Unwell Network with Alex Cooper, the 2018 version of Alix Earle. On Sept. 14, Earle finally announced what Cooper and her have been working on and let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint. Earle is coming out with her very own podcast, Hot Mess With Alix Earle, that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look into her life beyond all the wild partying, showstopping appearances, and breathtaking travel destinations. And the name is totally fitting. Earle took to to Instagram to announce the podcast, with the caption, “My turn to tell the story.” 

With a fast rise to fame, narratives are quick to be constructed over night, but Earle is ready to take charge of her own story. She is swapping the makeup brushes in for a mic and is connecting with her fans in this long-form format, where she will dive deeper into her life. If you thought she was real before, you haven’t see anything yet.

The first podcast episode is dropping Sept. 21 and Will touch on rumors fans can’t stop talking about. 

Fans were quick to become obsessed with Earle’s life, especially her love life. From her public break up with Tyler Wade to dating rumors surrounding her and football star Braxton Berrios, Earle hasn’t been able to escape the constant eye on her and who she is possibly dating, but she is setting the rumors straight in her first podcast episode. 

Alongside her announcement of the Hot Mess podcast, Earle teased the topic of her first podcast episode on the official podcast’s Instagram page. It seems that she will be answering the burning question the internet has for her: Does Alix Earle have a boyfriend? Earle urges her fans to tune into the first podcast episode on Sept. 21 to find out. 

Earle is using this podcast as a chance to get closer to her fans. It will take them along with her as she tells the stories behind so many topics that circulate her life every day, from dating rumors to the true stories behind the GRWM videos. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the hot mess express. 

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