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Yes, There *Is* An Alix Earle Scholarship & Here’s How You Can Apply

If you haven’t heard the name Alix Earle at least 10 times a day, then where have you been? Between dating celebrities and jet-setting around the world (anyone remember the Tarte Dubai trip?), Earle has been booked and busy when it comes to her social calendar. However, the most recent buzz around the TikTok star isn’t her legendary AminoLean collab… it’s her official Alix Earle Scholarship.

Yes, you heard that right. On June 29, the University Of Miami (where Earle graduated in 2023) announced the establishment of the Alix Earle Scholarship, funded by the viral phenomenon herself. According to the university’s website, the scholarship seeks to provide “significant resources for students pursuing degrees in business” in an effort to strengthen the school’s “commitment to diversity and inclusion.” In regard to the scholarship’s creation, the University Of Miami cited Earle’s “success in the world of social media” and “her unwavering dedication to her academic pursuits” as the inspiration behind the award.

“Alix serves as an inspirational figure for many,” the University Of Miami wrote on the scholarship’s site. “The Alix Earle Scholarship was established as part of her efforts to give back to the University that played a crucial role in her journey.”

Additionally, Earle herself posted on Instagram to celebrate the scholarship along with a heartfelt message to the University Of Miami. “It is such an honor to announce that I’m leaving the University of Miami Herbert Business School with a scholarship in my name,” she wrote. “The support of my family, friends, professors, and especially my audience, has helped shape me into who I am as I pursue my goals. Through this scholarship it is my goal to empower another student to live out their dreams and reach their full potential.” 

So… anyone else wanna know how to get “Alix Earle Scholarship Recipient” on their resume? Here are the deets for applying.

How can I apply to the Alix Earle Scholarship?

Sadly, if you already graduated college (like me), you’re not eligible for the Alix Earle Scholarship. Furthermore, the scholarship is only available to juniors and seniors enrolled at the University of Miami, and applicants must be in pursuit of a business degree. According to the scholarship, “The primary criteria for selection will be financial need as determined by the University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance and Employment.”

So, if you meet the original criteria, congrats! Consider yourself in the running for one of the coolest scholarships out there ATM. To apply, you’re required to submit a resume alongside a video submission that “reveals your personality” while also addressing two prompts, as written on the scholarship’s site:

  1. What impact would this scholarship have on your educational and career goals?
  2. Why is it important to you to be a student at the University of Miami?

The deadline to apply for the 2023-2024 scholarship is July 14, 2023 — so, if you’re all about the U, click here to shoot your shot! Good luck out there!

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