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Here’s What We Know About Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network (Which Features Alix Earle, BTW)

It’s safe to say that Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper is the ultimate girl boss right now. While her fiancé Matt Kaplan founded Ace Entertainment, Cooper is joining the production space, too. On Aug. 8. Cooper announced her own production company called The Unwell Network. And, ICYMI, it has already signed influencers Alix Earle and Madeline Argy. 

You’re not alone if you’re wondering, “what exactly is The Unwell Network?” According to an IG post, The Unwell Network is a “community and network that celebrates the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.” Additionally, the post’s caption reads, “More shows. More voices. More crazing f**king stories.” Judging from Unwell’s social media, there are already many concepts and projects in the works with Earle and Argy — and I know that I can’t wait to see them.

Based on these social media posts, and a bio reading, “Home to @callherdaddy, new shows, and more,” you can expect this network to cover more than your TikTok star drama. The founder of Unwell, Cooper, was also quoted saying, “We live in a world where we are inundated with content, but The Unwell Network will be the source everyone can do to for unique perspectives exploring what’s top-of-mind today for this generation.” So expect content ranging from pop culture, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle from your top, most sought-out talent. 

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar let’s do a little run down on these two superstar girls Alix Earle and Madeline Argy. Earle, a recent graduate from the University of Miami has over 8.3 million followers across TikTok and Instagram. She is known for her GRWM videos and is Gen Z’s one-stop shop for any and all things trendy.


The SECRET IS OUT! I am UNWELL @Alexandra Cooper #unwell #unwellnetwork

♬ original sound – alix earle

On the other hand, Argy is both a podcaster and Tiktoker with over 4.5 million followers hailing from London, England. The 23-year-old shares short vlogs from her everyday life, and takes after Cooper by sharing brutally candid life stories and conversational anecdotes. 


soooooooooo excited for this and whats yet to come @Alexandra Cooper

♬ original sound – madz

“I’m so excited to announce the first of many creators in the Unwell Network’s family,” Cooper said in a statement to Deadline. “Alix Earle and Madeline Argy both have a unique presence that captivates an audience, but I love how they approach content in very different ways. Madeline is wildly popular in the UK and is one of the few creators who can keep an audience engaged for hours with her captivating storytelling. Alix took the US by storm with her ‘get ready with me’ videos, college lifestyle, and endearing personality. I feel honored to be at a place in my career where I can pass along knowledge and advice for a new generation of creators to flourish.”

So, buckle up your seatbelts, Daddy Gang, I think things are about to get wild.

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