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ICYMI, Alix Earle Took Control Of Her Own Narrative On ‘Call Her Daddy’ & ‘Hot Mess’

The internet’s biggest It Girl, Alix Earle, decided to take control of her narrative in her newest interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper. During the season 4 premiere of Call Her Daddy, Cooper stepped in the shoes of Earle, following the TikTok star around her hometown in  New Jersey. Earle even opened up more than ever, discussing everything from her family’s past to her public relationship with Braxton Berrios

The interview comes just a day before the premiere of Earle’s new podcast, Hot Mess With Alix Earle. The podcast is under the Unwell network, which is the newest business venture for podcaster Cooper. In the latest episode of CHD, Earle emphasized her plan to allow fans to get to know her more personally beyond her viral TikToks of GRWMs, partying, and traveling — and that’s exactly what she did in the first episode of her Hot Mess podcast, which dropped on Sept. 21. 

Here’s everything Earle talked about in both Call Her Daddy and Hot Mess

Her Parent’s Divorce Affected her Growing Up

The Call Her Daddy episode, released on Sept. 20, starts with Cooper traveling to the Earle family home in New Jersey, where Cooper meets all the members of the blended Earle family. Listeners were then introduced to each family member, including Earle’s dad, who famously never speaks in her TikToks. Cooper and Earle then visit Earl’s high school, where she discussed her upbringing and the origins of her blended family. In 2008, Thomas “TJ” Earle had an affair with Ashley Dupre, a former call girl. Their affair caught media attention because Dupre was also a call girl for New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Earle discusses how the situation affected her as a child and how two years of her childhood felt like a “lie.”  Shortly after her father’s affair, Earle’s parents got a divorce, and her dad later marriedy Ashely Earle. The divorce between Earle’s parents was devastating.

Her Relationship Status Is Not What Most Thought

Later in the podcast, Earle talked about how her relationship triangle with Berrios was triggering. She told Cooper, “I spent my childhood basically thinking that this is the worst thing you could do to another human.” ICYMI, Earle got caught in a media scandal in July 2023 when her relationship with Berrios became public. Berrios’s ex-girlfriend, Sofia Culpo, who posted and deleted a TikTok alluding to cheating in her relationship with Berrios, pointed fingers at Earle. Earle commented on the situation, stating, “I was checking everything. We have probably been over this 110 times because I was like, “If you did that to a person, obviously, of course, you’ll probably do that to me, too.” 

Berrios and Earle’s relationship remains ambiguous. Cooper asked the TikTok sensation if she was “single.” Earle said, “Yes.” She said, “We’re having fun, and there’s no pressure.” Earle got candid with Cooper about her intimate conversation with Berrios, stating that she immediately told him, “I’m not ready to date.” 

In Earle’s Hot Mess podcast, she reiterated her single status after explaining how she met Berrios during a transitional period in her life. Since she recently graduated and got out of a relationship not too long ago, the TikToker is just enjoying life wants to go at her own pace when it comes to her relationship with Berrios. Our girl is in her Hot Girl era. Let her be! 

Her Celebrity Crushes Proves She Had Good Taste

On Call Her Daddy, Cooper and Earle played a game of Truth or Drink. Earle showed an entirely different side of herself, discussing everything from her favorite sex position to her current celebrity crushes. In case you’re wondering, our girls got good taste, naming Jacob Elordi, Zac Efron, and Travis Kelce as her crushes. After the pregame, Earle and Cooper hit the town for a classic night out in Miami, leaving both of them hungover the next morning. Cooper ended her day in the life of Earle on the beach with a cliffhanger. 

She’s Still Friends With The Girls She Met Her Freshman Year of College

During the Hot Mess episode, Earle was joined by her four friends from college. While sitting on Earle’s bed, the five women reminisced about their time at The University of Miami, sharing hilarious stories about how they met and their on-campus antics. 

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