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Alix Earle Spilled The Tea On Her Dating Life In The First Episode Of Her New Podcast

As someone who is hyper-fixated on celebrity romances, Alix Earle’s relationship status is something that’s constantly been on my mind. Ever since she appeared on the 2023 ESPYS red carpet with NFL player Braxton Berrios on July 12, I have been waiting for Earle to make a GRWM TikTok laying out all the juicy details on whether she and Berros are dating. 

Though Earle spilled some tea on the first episode of her new podcast, Hot Mess With Alix Earle, on Sept. 21, the information she shared wasn’t what those of us who shipped her and Berrios wanted to hear. During the episode, the TikToker shared that she and the Miami Dolphins player first met at an A-list party in Miami. Though this encounter started off as a hot mess (Earle had too much liquid courage. Her words, not mine!), she still made an impression on Berrios. After she left the party without saying goodbye, the athlete found Earle’s number and messaged her the next day asking her out on a date. Like most people going on a first date, Earle was “excited” to hang out with Berrios. After picking her up from class, Berrios surprised Earle with a helicopter ride around Miami. 

So the question remains: does TikTok’s favorite influencer have a boyfriend? Here’s what we learned from her podcast. 

To fans, it seemed Earle and Berrios were moving in the direction of a relationship given their appearances at outdoor restaurants and nightclubs around Miami. However, during her podcast, Earle set the record straight on her relationship with Berrios, revealing that they’re just friends. The influencer shared that when she and Berrios first met at that party, they had both just gotten out of committed relationships (fans will remember her relationship with professional baseball player Tyler Wade, and Berrios’ two-year romance with Sophia Culpo) and weren’t looking for anything serious.

As for the 2023 ESPYS, Earle just went as the NFL player’s simple simply because he asked her to go. “[Berrios] ended up going last minute to the ESPYS and he invited me to go with him,” Earle said. “I’m a great date, I’m a great time! I’ll get a nice dress. Like, I can do my hair and makeup. That’s like my favorite thing to do.” 

Though she could probably date any guy she wants right now, Earle says she’s enjoying post-grad life at the moment and doesn’t want to be tied down to someone. In her podcast, Earle pointed out that relationships take a lot of time and commitment, and at this point in her life, she just wants to keep having fun with her friends, traveling, and “figuring out this chapter” of her life. 

There you have it — Alix Earle is single. Though she’s still hanging out with “NFL Guy,” Earle said there’s no pressure on their relationship at the moment. But, they’re still going to see where this goes. 

So, if anyone spots Earle at a Miami Dolphins game, try not to think into it too much! 

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