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Oof, This Sophia Culpo, Braxton Berrios, & Alix Earle Drama Is Messy

In the world where Alix Earle is TikTok’s favorite influencer, no move by her goes unnoticed, which puts her relationships in the public eye. So, following the breakup with her ex Tyler Wade back in December 2022, fans were curious to see which lucky guy would get to date TikTok’s it-girl next. It wasn’t long before all eyes were on NFL player Braxton Berrios

Rumors of the two being in a relationship started circulating back in May, raising some questions as Berrios was recently in a relationship with model Sophia Culpo. As Earle and Berrios seem to be more comfortable showing off one another in public and online, fans are convinced Culpo had some wise words for Earle in a recent TikTok video. Her Campus reached out to both Earle’s and Culpo’s teams for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Earle and Berrios were rumored to be dating in May following a viral video.

Before we can dive into the current drama between Earle and Culpo, we have to backtrack a little. Berrios and Earle were first spotted together in May at Sadelle’s in Miami by a fan. This sighting came just two months after Culpo confirmed her two-year relationship with Berrios is over. With the uncertainty surrounding Earle and Berrios’ relationship as well as the timeline of his split with Culpo, fans started speculating that Berrios cheated on Culpo with Earle. Berrios has since publicly denied these accusations on Instagram.

Months after the first spotting, Earle did what she does best: GRWM videos. Earle increasingly became more open with her dating life as she posted GRWM videos of her getting ready for dates, or posting videos with a male hand in the back. Her followers were certain that she knew what she was doing. On June 25, fans got a closer look at the rumored relationship when a video of them dancing together at the Palm Tree music festival went viral. Though it seemed Earle was living her best life, fans think the ex is back and has some words for our queen. 

Fans think Culpo was taking shots at Berrios on social media. 

On June 26, Culpo posted a TikTok and then deleted it, causing fans to give major sideye. In the deleted TikTok, Culpo wrote, “Me when the new supply catches on” to the TikTok sound, “Can I talk my sh*t again?” The video was captioned, “Give it a few but call me when the love bombing ends. I gotchu #Girlsgirl.” Fans were quick to speculate that this was a direct reference to Earle. Under the video, someone commented, “Omg, someone told her to run as he was checking his reflection too much in the window!” Culpo responded with, “You mean like the Tuxedo mirror pic on his insta? I cringed when that went up. And he was my bf then!!!”

Berrios came to social media to shut down the cheating rumors. 

Amid the drama and speculated shots by Culpo at Earle and Berrios’ relationship, Berrios came to social media on June 27 to clear the air. In his Instagram video, he said he wants everything to be over and to move on. He explained that his relationship with Culpo was a good and healthy one, but towards the end of it, both agreed it wasn’t working out. He went on to confirm they split back in January and that had nothing to do with anyone else — in other words, he denied the Earle cheating rumors. 

Culpo had more to say on the subject.

On June 28, Culpo came to social media to deny Berrios’ explanation of the relationship timeline. She came with receipts, claiming that the two didn’t actually split until February when he was seen kissing another girl. So… it seems Culpo is accusing Berrios of cheating. Berrios hasn’t responded to this new development yet.

There’s not much to say other than… yikes!

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