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Hold Up… The Internet Thinks Alix Earle Is Dating This NFL Star

I have a habit of living vicariously through celebrities. My most recent hyper fixation? Alix Earle, OFC — and she has been for a while. After rising to social media fame in 2022 with her viral GRWM videos, Earle dove headfirst into full-blown stardom in 2023: collaborating with brands like AminoLean, attending the infamous Tarte brand trips, and even sparking dating rumors with A-list celebrities like Devin Booker. However, it looks like that potential romance has been laid to rest after fans spotted Earle hanging out with a newly single NFL star.

On May 5, a TikTok user by the name of @itsjulesdalmau posted a video where she was meeting Earle on the outdoor patio of Sadelle’s in Miami (ICYMI, this is a hotspot for celebs). The video went viral on the platform, and fans were quick to point out that Earle wasn’t at the venue alone — she was there with 27-year-old Miami Dolphins player Braxton Berrios. Mother? Do you have something to tell us? Her Campus reached out to both Earle’s and Berrios’ teams for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Naturally, the sighting led fans to speculate about a relationship between the two in the comments of the TikTok.

Both stars are (as far as we know) are single, so a ship isn’t exactly out of the question. Earle’s last public relationship with MLB player Tyler Wade made waves on social media, though the two confirmed they’re still friends after fans saw them together after the breakup. Similarly, Berrios split with his previous girlfriend, Sophia Culpo, in March 2023 after being linked since early 2021. The relationship was pretty public due to Berrios’ appearance on Culpo’s TLC reality show, The Culpo Sisters.

While most were convinced Earle and Berrios were dating after being spotted out together a few times (cough, cough the 2023 ESPYS), the GWRM queen finally gave an update on her relationship with the NFL player. During the first episode of her Hot Mess With Alix Earle podcast, which dropped on Sept. 21, the TikToker revealed that though she and Berrios went on a couple of dates while she was still attending the University of Miami, the two of them never actually dated.

Earle shared that she met Berrios at an A-list party in Miami. The day after they met, Earle said Berrios asked her out on a date and later took her on a helicopter ride around Miami (my heart!). Though this sounds like the beginning stage of a romance, Earle said she and Berrios’s relationship never went beyond just friends. According to Earle, both she and the athlete had gotten out of committed relationships before they met and didn’t want to get into something serious again while still “tying up loose ends.”

As for their 2023 EPSYS appearance, Earle said went as Berrios date simply because she likes getting dressed up!

So, there you have it. Earle and Berrios never actually dated each other. But honestly? It’s not really my business either way. I’d rather know when Earle’s AminoLean collab will restock, anyway.

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