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The Internet Thinks Alix Earle & Devin Booker Are Dating (& Fans Are Freaking TF Out)

Do y’all remember the Alix Earle and Tyler Wade breakup era? The shady posts, that infamous IG Live, the way everyone thought that they had gotten back together on Earle’s LA trip? Is it toxic to say that I miss the drama? For me, there’s nothing like some good ol’ celebrity relationship gossip to get me through the day. And the only thing I love more than celeb breakups (sorry!) is new, on-the-down-low celebrity ships.

On March 8, Alix Earle and professional basketball player Devin Booker were rumored to be seen together after a Miami basketball game. Her Campus reached out to both Booker and Earle’s teams for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

TBR, there’s no real, photographic evidence that links the two. But, for some reason, fans are all over Reddit and TikTok shipping the pair. This might have something to do with Booker’s longtime ex, Kendall Jenner, and her rumored new relationship with Bad Bunny, which has been becoming more and more public. With this new couple in the spotlight, fans of Booker may be rooting for him to move on, too, and with the internet’s new it-girl at that.

One thing is for sure: Booker was in Miami on March 8. ICYMI, Booker plays for the Phoenix Suns, and they were matched against the Miami Heat at the Miami-Dade Arena. Even though Booker’s team lost, if Earle really was in attendance, perhaps she was wooed by his athletic ability (or something). However, there’s no confirmation that Earle was even at the event, especially considering that she was posting TikToks in her pajamas with her roommates that night.

Until Earle or Booker make this thing IG official, let’s just chalk this up to a hopeful 2023 ship. All I have to say is, if it ends up coming true, I can’t wait to see Earle’s courtside outfits.

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