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Talia Navarro

LUM '27

Talia Navarro is a freshman at Loyola University of Maryland. She was born and raised in New Jersey. She attended Middletown High School South, the place where she found her interest in studying law. She took Business Ethics, Creative Writing, and Effective Oral Communication electives. At the end of her senior year in high school, she won three different awards for submitting writing entries. The pieces included topics of being a child of a first responder, growing up as a dancer, and her dream of becoming a lawyer.
Her journaling fascination was sparked by her Dad at a young age. If she ever had a school paper, she would report straight to him. They would sit in the dining room for hours and work through her corrections and how to improve her skills. Whether it is a simplistic story about rescuing her dog or writing about the causes of World War II, he was able to excel. She still continues to aspire to have her father’s ability and reach his level of composing mastery. In her personal life, she has incorporated journaling into her everyday routine, to reflect on her gratitude and make affirmations to herself. She enjoys helping her friends and classmates edit their school papers. She does not have a professional background just yet, however, she hopes to build it soon!
She loves to read books in her free time. Her favorite genres are fiction and romance, but recently she has found interest in thrillers. She enjoys exercising and staying active, whether that includes going for a walk outdoors or going to an instructed class. A guilty pleasure of Talia's is shopping. If you ever offer a shopping trip, just know her answer is yes! She also has a passion for hair and makeup. She is always watching tutorials and testing various makeup techniques. She loves to try out new hairstyles and find the best hair care products on the market.