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Lily Mengual

U Toronto '27

Lily May Mengual is a writer at Her Campus in her first year at the University of Toronto pursuing an English major and, at present, minors in History and Creative Expression and Society. This is her first year in Toronto — and Canada! — as she grew up constantly moving to different places in South East Asia and, eventually, Hong Kong.

Beyond Her Campus, Lily has links to numerous other clubs and societies on campus, but is most passionate about writing. Not only does she write full-length novels she hopes to publish one day, but she also writes terrible poetry, and her creative writing has been published at numerous different prints both on campus and off.

In her free time, Lily writes (of course!), and is also an avid reader and reviewer. She also enjoys the occasional arts and crafts session, watching video essays, or taking general knowledge quizzes. Lily also enjoys travelling and exploring different places, looking at interesting exhibits in museums, and listening to angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion (she also loves rom coms).