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Katy Masden

NCSU '24

Katy Masden, a junior at NC State majoring in Business Marketing, is on track to graduate early in the spring of 2024. Her academic journey is a fusion of creative extracurriculars and an insatiable wanderlust spirit, both of which have ignited her aspirations within the field of marketing. Her goal is to collaborate with innovative magazines and fashion companies that share her unwavering enthusiasm for pioneering ideas.

As an active member of the American Marketing Association, Katy is eager to connect with industry leaders, recognizing the immense value of networking and shared insights to drive innovation within the marketing and global business landscape. Post-graduation, her ambition takes her abroad, with London as her destination of choice. There, she plans to immerse herself in the dynamic world of creative direction, forging cross-cultural collaborations and pushing the limits of marketing.