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It’s Official: Djerf Avenue’s New Status in the Fashion World

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Matilda Djerf, a name synonymous with elegance, innovation and authenticity, has taken the fashion world by storm, or more appropriately, a shower of flowers and sunshine. In a month where iconic fashion floods the runways and media, Matilda Djerf and her brand Djerf Avenue had an unforgettable debut on Sept. 3, and fashion month’s sartorial craze hit an all-time high.

A Star in the Making

Matilda Djerf’s rise to fame is nothing short of extraordinary. Before influencers flooded social media platforms, she embarked on a journey that ultimately led her to fashion stardom. In 2016, Djerf began sharing her travel adventures and effortless style on Instagram, amassing an impressive following of 3,000. Little did she know that her honest and captivating storytelling would soon catapult her to millions of followers.

Her ability to effortlessly blend style, culture, and the allure of exotic destinations quickly drew brand partnerships and a global audience. But Djerf’s journey wasn’t solely about showcasing picturesque landscapes and glamorous fashion; it was also about breaking the mold and openly discussing her struggles, including her battle with anxiety and imposter syndrome. By sharing her authentic self, Matilda Djerf became relatable to her audience, proving that fear should hold no one back from pursuing their dreams and carrying the mantle for authenticity in a realm of artificial, picture-perfect mirages. 

Djerf Avenue: The Birth of an Empire

In just five years, Djerf Avenue (pronounced J-er-f), founded in 2019 by Matilda Djerf and her boyfriend Ramus Johansson, has skyrocketed to a value of 35 million dollars worldwide. Her vision was clear: a brand that celebrates authenticity and makes every individual feel seen and valued. Djerf Avenue isn’t just about fashion; it’s about community, empowerment and treasuring the experiences that make life beautiful.

One of the standout features of Djerf Avenue is its commitment to authenticity. The brand proudly showcases diversity in its models and never retouches its photos. When you see a Djerf Avenue product, you know that what you see is what you get—a celebration of real beauty, real bodies and real life.

Coast Collection by Djerf Avenue

Matilda Djerf’s relationship with her followers involves sharing personal stories and commitment to self-care, creating a sense of community. Her followers are not just customers; they are friends, or as Djerf has deemed them, Djerf Angels. 

Djerf Avenue quickly developed into an e-commerce platform that offers carefully selected fashion pieces, beauty products and lifestyle essentials curated by Djerf. With an emphasis on sustainability and quality, Matilda Djerf seeks brands that share her ethos, ensuring that each piece tells a story and aligns with her values. This commitment to authenticity has been at the core of Djerf Avenue’s success.

Comfort First by Matilda Djerf

An Iconic Debut

A recent pop-up, more likely takeover, at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum on the Upper East Side, attracted thousands of Djerf Angels, celebrities and influencers to shop four different themes over the four-day event. The pop-up exceeded expectations of a meet-and-greet and shopping experience, as the designer organized a dinner party and fashion show for the lottery winners lucky enough to attend.

Djerf Angels eagerly awaited the opening of a free four-day pop-up event in SoHo, New York. As Matilda Djerf, an angel in real life, greeted the guests, the debut was overflowing with joy and exquisite style. The last day of the pop-up, Sept. 3, showcased Djerf’s new line, “Remake,” in runway fashion at none other than the New York City’s Guggenheim Museum on the Upper East Side. The Djerf Avenue website posted 273 lottery tickets for lucky Djerf Angels to experience the event in person. 

Consistent with Djerf Avenue values, the models that graced the runway celebrate all diverse shapes and sizes, demonstrating Djerf’s goal for the brand to break stereotypes of the fashion industry and show that “women can be more than one size, one kind of girl.” – Matilda Djerf

Djerf Avenue Fashion Show 2023 by Djerf Avenue


After the successful pop-up and runway premiere in New York, Djerf Avenue recently announced the REMAKE collection. A continuation of the sustainable efforts of the brand translates into a revolutionizing brand debut. The collection involves a remake of items currently in stock and re-designing them into new pieces. A truly sustainable and innovative effort that alters current designs to add value to pre-existing garments. Although quantities are limited, the creations incorporate the inspiration and creativity audiences fell in love with at the beginning of Djerf’s career. Her idea took off in what she called “creative chaos,” trying to find the perfect cardigan, experimenting with existing pieces and restructuring the garment. This endeavor gives an existing garment new life, celebrating the original design while creating something new. The Remake Collection resonates with the Djerf Avenue brand, further affirming the adoration for her products and team, because of the familial bond and inclusivity in every product. “ I like to think that remaking existing garments is a celebration of growth – a reminder that you’re ever-changing, evolving, and becoming new versions of yourself.”- Matilda Djerf

Remake Collection by Djerf Avenue

The Legacy Continues

Matilda Djerf’s impact on the fashion industry is undeniable. With Djerf Avenue, she has shattered the notion that high-end fashion must be exclusive and unattainable. Instead, she has created a space where everyone is welcome, celebrating beauty in all forms.

The recent launch of Angels Avenue, which encourages community participation in the brand’s creative process, exemplifies Djerf’s commitment to her audience. By listening to her customers and involving them in future launches, Djerf Avenue continues capturing the hearts and styles of diverse audiences and satisfies the desires of its loyal followers.

As a household name in the fashion industry, Matilda Djerf and her brand are poised to redefine luxury fashion in the years to come. By prioritizing authenticity, inclusivity and sustainability, Djerf Avenue stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking fashion that speaks to their values and celebrates their unique beauty.

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