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Gracie Firgau

UVA '26

Gracie Firgau is on the writing team at the Her Campus at The University of Virginia chapter.

Beyond Her Campus, Gracie studies Pre-Commerce and German at the Univerity of Virginia. She is a second year interested in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Information Technology. Gracie has also done research on topics such as Video Game Preference and Sensorimotor Skill Maturity Compared to Age and Ultraviolet Radiation’s Effect on Drying Duration of Automotive Paints with Resin Filming Agents. She has interned for the Nau Center at UVA on the Letters Home Project, worked with her professor in the History Department on transcriptions of documents from the 1800s, and interned for Galax City Public Schools in Information Technology.

In her free time, Gracie enjoys weightlifting, cooking and baking new recipes, and experimenting with new fashion and beauty. She is also involved in Chi Alpha at the University of Virginia and is always searching for new areas to explore her passions while also building new relationships.