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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Halloween is over, and the Christmas spirit is setting in. However, since we are a little over a week from Thanksgiving, it is a great time to practice gratitude before the holiday flies by. So, here are five ways to practice gratitude this Thanksgiving season.

Cook with family and friends

Cooking is one of my favorite activities, and I know many other people love it as well! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to cook. I am sure many of us are having get-togethers that require our family members and friends to prepare many different varieties of food. So, what better way to show your gratitude than by helping out another family member while doing what you love?

Spend Time with your siblings

If you have siblings, you have probably been away from them for a while or haven’t had much contact with them while at college. One of the things I find most important about life is fostering a great relationship with my sibling. While away at college, it is hard for us to find time in the midst of exams, homework, and extracurriculars. So, make sure to spend time with your siblings and continue to strengthen your relationships as you enjoy Thanksgiving with them. You could play a game with them, watch a movie, bake something, or even sit in silence together while you guys do your own things. Your time with them is limited, especially in this season of life, so make sure you are loving and cherishing them.

Spread generosity through food

So, we already talked about cooking meals with family. However, another fun idea to share your gratitude is to cook or bake something a few days before Thanksgiving. With this idea, you can drive to loved ones’ houses and give them a small treat before your big meal on Thursday. While this isn’t necessary, it will for sure surprise your loved ones and brighten at least one of their days.

Give Handmade Cards

Many families are familiar with going around the table and saying what they are thankful for. This is a great way to say what you are thankful for on a surface level. However, handwritten and homemade cards could be an even better way to show your gratitude for those who do so much for you. With this idea, you can personalize your card to each individual, not only through illustrations but also through heartfelt, unique writings. With this idea, you can make a more personal impact and let each person know how dear they are to you without having to cram a few words into a statement at the dinner table.


Thanksgiving break may be one of our first, actual breaks this semester. While we had reading days, many of us had to use them to study for midterms. So, one way to practice gratitude is by resting. After all, have gratitude that you have been brought this far and have been given the blessing of living another day. You are blessed to have a break and to have time to spend with family and friends if you so choose to do so. So, honor this blessing by giving yourself time to rest and recharge before you come back for finals.


There are many ways to practice gratitude this Thanksgiving. Make sure you take time to love yourself and to love others. This is a time for relaxation, forgiveness, and enjoyment. So, go have a great Thanksgiving break while making someone else’s Thanksgiving unforgettable.

Gracie Firgau is on the writing team at the Her Campus at The University of Virginia chapter. Beyond Her Campus, Gracie studies Pre-Commerce and German at the Univerity of Virginia. She is a second year interested in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Information Technology. Gracie has also done research on topics such as Video Game Preference and Sensorimotor Skill Maturity Compared to Age and Ultraviolet Radiation’s Effect on Drying Duration of Automotive Paints with Resin Filming Agents. She has interned for the Nau Center at UVA on the Letters Home Project, worked with her professor in the History Department on transcriptions of documents from the 1800s, and interned for Galax City Public Schools in Information Technology. In her free time, Gracie enjoys weightlifting, cooking and baking new recipes, and experimenting with new fashion and beauty. She is also involved in Chi Alpha at the University of Virginia and is always searching for new areas to explore her passions while also building new relationships.