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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

The gym can be a daunting place for women nowadays. Whether you are a woman pursuing a career in professional bodybuilding or are just trying to become the best version of yourself, the gym is extremely beneficial. There are so many benefits of weightlifting for women. Not only can we cater it to our cycles for the best performance, we can also tone our bodies while experiencing a rush of endorphins! In order to make the gym a less scary place for us girls, I will be sharing some of my best tips that have helped me become more confident and strong at the same time!

Bring a Friend

This tip might sound obvious, but bringing a friend can relieve tons of stress. Not only can you all learn together and share knowledge on your strongest aspects of the gym, you can also break down the barrier of gym anxiety. Anxiety in the gym is very common.

Don’t Forget Your Cardio!

Cardio nowadays is either used too frequently or too little. We need cardio to function. Cardio trains the strongest muscle in our bodies: our heart. Finding a good balance between weightlifting and cardio can help us to feel energized. Plus, cardio promotes endorphins! Don’t be afraid to try running. You might just experience the joy of a runner’s high!

Prioritize Rest

We are all guilty of going too hard sometimes in all aspects of our lives. However, it is extremely important to prioritize rest, especially in the gym. Our bodies need rest to recover, and that is how our muscles are built. Avoid working out the same body parts day after day. Find a workout split that works for you, and, most importantly, listen to your body!

Invest in Your Look

Looking cute in the gym can boost your confidence and your performance. In order to feel more confident, you can invest in gym clothes that are your style, wear small items of jewelry that won’t get caught on machines, and spend time experimenting with hairstyles that bring out your beauty. 

Finding gym clothing that makes me feel pretty is the most important aspect that boosts my confidence. As I have been getting into weightlifting, I have begun to form a capsule collection of those items that make me feel the prettiest. Here are some of my favorites:

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Aura Women’s Slim-Fit Short-Sleeve Top, $75 at Nike

Free People Good Karma Ruched Crop Tank, $38 at Free People

Aurola Intensify 3.6 Workout Shorts for Women Seamless Scrunch High Waist Gym Yoga Running Active Short, $25-$35 on Amazon.com


Whether you have been a visitor of the gym for years or a day, we can all agree that, as women, any extra helpful tip is needed. By prioritizing our minds, bodies, and confidence, we can begin to form new exercise habits. 

Gracie Firgau is on the writing team at the Her Campus at The University of Virginia chapter. Beyond Her Campus, Gracie studies Pre-Commerce and German at the Univerity of Virginia. She is a second year interested in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Information Technology. Gracie has also done research on topics such as Video Game Preference and Sensorimotor Skill Maturity Compared to Age and Ultraviolet Radiation’s Effect on Drying Duration of Automotive Paints with Resin Filming Agents. She has interned for the Nau Center at UVA on the Letters Home Project, worked with her professor in the History Department on transcriptions of documents from the 1800s, and interned for Galax City Public Schools in Information Technology. In her free time, Gracie enjoys weightlifting, cooking and baking new recipes, and experimenting with new fashion and beauty. She is also involved in Chi Alpha at the University of Virginia and is always searching for new areas to explore her passions while also building new relationships.