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Amelia Beckworth

Georgia Southern

My name is Amelia Beckworth. I am a Junior at Georgia Southern University studying Fashion Design, but I am much more than that and I am sure you are too. Typically, I’m the kind of person who’d imagine their life with a soundtrack and a reality TV show. I have a broad imagination, a short attention span, and a big heart. As I write, you may see I have an immense love for God, captivating art, and mind-blowing music while delighting in channeling that negative energy into improving the lack thereof. I have trust issues with people who don’t add salt to their food and say they don’t sing in the shower. Easily won over by Nutella or Twizzlers, I have a habit of being both swayed and opinionated. For the most part, I enjoy helping people relate to and inspire one another through the expression of writing.