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8 Reasons to Love Fall

1.   The Smell of Autumn

Nothing beckons the feeling of fall quite like the aromas that come with the season’s change. Nothing can capture the scent quite like this candle.

2.   Cuddling

Ah yes, cuddling. The crisp air and the chilly breeze just makes you want to cuddle- cuddle up with a pet, a good book, or with somebody. The season is perfect for fall-ing in love.

3.   Adorable Nature Crafts

Pinecones, pumpkins, acorns, and colorful leaves… There is no better time to roam the outdoors and get crafting.

4.   Seasonal Flavors

Move over Pumpkin Spice, you have met your match. The flavor of apple is what fall is about this year. However, there are plenty of limited edition foods to fill your fancy.

5.   Warm Drinks

Some nice hot tea, warm apple cider, or a steamy cup of coffee can warm your soul like a prayer and a tight hug.

6.   Leaves

Woo! Leaves, they’re everywhere! Jump in piles of them, pick them up, or make art with them.

7.   Berry-toned makeup

You can finally pull out those dark shades for an elegant look.

8.   Cute boots

Cooler weather just makes for the cutest of shoes.

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Georgia Southern

My name is Amelia Beckworth. I am a Junior at Georgia Southern University studying Fashion Design, but I am much more than that and I am sure you are too. Typically, I’m the kind of person who’d imagine their life with a soundtrack and a reality TV show. I have a broad imagination, a short attention span, and a big heart. As I write, you may see I have an immense love for God, captivating art, and mind-blowing music while delighting in channeling that negative energy into improving the lack thereof. I have trust issues with people who don’t add salt to their food and say they don’t sing in the shower. Easily won over by Nutella or Twizzlers, I have a habit of being both swayed and opinionated. For the most part, I enjoy helping people relate to and inspire one another through the expression of writing.
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