10 Fitness Instagrammers to Follow

10 Best Fitness Instagrammers

You’ve heard from our favourite vegan writer Morgan about which vegan instagammers to follow so I thought I'd give you a few of my favourite ‘fitspo’s’ to have a look at.

Summer is just around the corner (though you wouldn’t believe it in Leeds where there has been torrential rain for the past week) and often summer means people start to get in to the fitness mind-set. Sometimes cold weather, exam stress or general commitments mean exercise can cake a back seat but with the holidays on the horizon people are often ready to make that commitment to fitness. The movement recently, which I love, has been away from fad diets and quick fixes and towards more of a lifestyle change and becoming a stronger, healthy version of yourself. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or some work out ideas then Instagram is a great place to go. I don’t mean to say you have to aspire to look like these girls, and I don’t think they’d want that either. I just mean they provide great work out ideas and sometimes just a little comforting advice if you don’t fancy the gym or are stuck in a bit of a rut.


  1. @Gracefituk

Grace is amazingly motivational in just inspiring you to balance uni, gym and life. She studies at Oxford Uni, basically runs an online community and has an unreal body. You want to hate her, but it’s impossible.  Her work out videos are varied, giving you work outs for every gym scenario.

  1. @Thetinytank

Yet another inspirational university student who is all about balance, she’s not afraid to tell you when she hasn’t made it to the gym for a few weeks. Her posts are super honest, she makes amazing soft boiled eggs and has unbelievably chiselled abs.

  1. @Stef_fit

Stef fit posts loads of really useful work out material. Often I get stuck in a rut at the gym, tired of doing the same thing over and over. Stef posts lots of videos incorporating different exercises and keeps things interesting.

  1. @Gains4Girls

Fellow Leeds alumni, which I (rather creepily) discovered when scrolling through the depths of their Instagram and found lots of their videos had the familiar background of the edge. Gains$Girls is run by two girls, one a personal trainer, and they post fab work out content .

  1. @EmLouiseFitness

Another Leeds gal like ourselves. She's always posts really yummy bowls of oats and has inspired my to cover my oats in peanut butter!

  1. @Chessiekingg

She may have the biggest, brightest smile on Instagram but she also posts great work out content if you aren’t going to the gym. She has loads of variations on homework outs using her sofa or posts and pans…

  1. @Whitneyysimmons

Posts a variety of work out videos, from light weights, cardio, HIIT and heavy weights so no matter what you like there will be something for you. Her Instagram is a great place to go if you’re looking to mix up some work outs.

  1. @Food_fitness_flora

Is anonther Instagram gal who balances university, gym and a social life. I know that so many people balance a lot in their day to day lives but I often find it quite motivational just to see someone living a similar lifestyle to me and see how their manage their time differently.

  1. @busybeefitness

Busy bee has loads of great content that helps with any gym anxiety people may have. She also vlogs about her general day to day life, so if that’s something that interests you then definitely have a look!

  1. @sarahs_day

Unlike rainy Leeds, Sarah’s Day lives in sunny Australia. She posts loads of great content with outdoor work out ideas (although swimming in the sea might not be so appealing along in Scarborough) but lots of information about her paelo diet if that’s something that interests you. 


Photos taken form instagrams. Image 1: (Gracefituk)Grace Beverly Image 2:(Chessiekingg) Chessie King, Image 3: (Sarahs_Day) Sarah

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