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  • Dan Schuman (2015)

    Looking for a worldly, outdoorsy future entrepreneur who can juggle? Well too bad, because Dan Schuman is currently studying abroad in...

  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

    Thurtene carnival! Rides on rides on children's plays on rides
    22% (2 votes)
    Alumni weekend - hey, sexy graduates...
    33% (3 votes)
    Multi-cultural weekend - prefrosh galore!
    44% (4 votes)
    Total votes: 9
  • Sam Van Doren (2015)

    Meet Sam Van Doren, a St. Louis native and transfer student from Trinity College. Sam, also known as Svd, is truly a Renaissance man – he...

  • What's the best part of traveling for break?

    Whimsical Southwest employees
    43% (3 votes)
    Roadtrip songs with your friends
    29% (2 votes)
    All the fast food
    14% (1 vote)
    Public naps on the plane
    14% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 7
  • KWUR WEEK 2014

    Event Date & Time: 
    Mon, 03/17/2014 (All day) to Sun, 03/23/2014 (All day)
    560 Music Center, The Gargolye
  • What's on your spring break agenda?

    Laying out by the beach
    0% (0 votes)
    Skiing and being outdoorsy
    0% (0 votes)
    Applying for jobs/internships
    67% (2 votes)
    Doing absolutely nothing and loving it
    33% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 3
  • Bobby Stanell (2015)

    Are you looking for the all-American boy next door? A future accountant? A man with a sophisticated palate and a hatred of birds? If so,...

  • Chris Levin (2015)

    Are you a nice girl with a nice face? Do you like California boys? Engineers? Wolverine enthusiasts? This week’s campus cutie might not...

  • Vivek Pandrangi (2015)

    Did you know that Vivek Pandrangi can keep his hair standing straight up without gel? Or that all he really wants in life is the power to...

  • Back to School Survival Kit

    As if we needed another reason to love running the Her Campus Wash U chapter, HC Nationals and its sponsors have outdone themselves once...

  • Hunter Matthews (2015)

    Did you know that Wash U had a squash club? And that its president can do a backflip?!! Well I didn’t until now. A man of few words, Hunter...

  • Kesar Varma 2016

    You may have heard (KCV)’s mash-ups at Harry’s, Tiff’s on the Landing, the Pageant, or at our very own Kappa Sigma house. This week’s...

  • Sarah Ettinger 2015

    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s formal season! And it has been for quite a while. But is your perfect dress just slightly too long? Or...

  • Hanna McCrum 2015

    Are you sick of everything on your iPod right now? In need of some new music to help you survive a long study session or make your pregame...

  • Campus Celeb: Shannon Welsh

    Shannon Welsh may seem like your typical freshman (undecided major, pledging a sorority, close with her freshman floor, insert other...

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