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John Kubinak (2016)

Meet John Kubinak and join the dozens of other WUSTL girls who are crushing, hard. He can tutor you in comp sci, carry your heavy boxes on move-out day, and treat you to a lovely weekend brunch. He also is the current WashU rib eating champ, co-owns U-Trucking, and c’mon, have you seen those blue eyes? If you’re not interested already, this funny all-American sophomore loves his mom, a good time, and a dance party. You’re probably hooked already.
Name: John Kubinak.
Hometown: Allendale, New Jersey.
Major: Systems Engineering and Finance, Minor in Computer Science.
Involvements on Campus: Member of AEPi, U-Trucking, Thurtene.
Plan your ideal day. I’d start with a lovely Saint Louis brunch at either Winslows, Southwest Diner, or Taco Bell. Followed by a nice full day of work at either the U-Trucking or Thurtene lot. I always like to cap off my days by attending an occasional bar mitzvah or AEPi basement party. And then, obviously, late night Taco Bell.
If you could be one animal what would it be? Fox. So I could figure out what it says.
How would your best friend describe you in 3 words? 1. Dreamy, 2. Lot, 3. Legs
Would you say you’re selfish or selfless? Selfless #ftb.
Would you rather only speak backwards or have corduroy skin? (S/O to Alexis Levin for this question) Speak backwards. I really don’t like friction and shaving would be a pain.
What planet would you most want to visit and why? Mercury, Venus, or Mars. They are the only three that aren’t wifed up (no rings).
Celebrity girl crush? Celebrity boy crush? That chick from Frozen. And Ryan Gosling’s dog.
What country would you want to be president of? The United States of America. It is the greatest country on earth.
Tell us about your first kiss! I don’t really remember it very well. I was a few hours old and it was probably my mom. 
You’re driving cross country and can only bring one CD. What do you bring? “Timber” on repeat.
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