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Pros and Cons of Formal Setups

When springtime rolls around, everyone knows what that means… FRATERNITY FORMAL SEASON. AKA this is when your friend or even your friend’s friend tells you they want to set you up with this guy and how perfect it’ll be. So, do you go for it? Do you agree to the set-up and go out of town with someone you don’t really know? Here are some pros and cons to getting set up for a fraternity formal.

PRO: Meet new people!

Getting set up with someone that you barely know, or possibly don’t even know at all, gives you the chance to branch out and meet new people. Even if you and your date have mutual friends, chances are they still have additional friends that you haven’t spent much time with. College can begin to feel very small after a short period of time, so why not expand your horizons?

CON: Sharing a bed- potential awkwardness

Going to a fraternity formal as someone’s date typically requires you to share a bed. While this can be completely casual, it can also be a pretty uncomfortable situation if intentions are not mutual. You should be aware that this is something you might have to deal with. Making your intentions clear prior to getting set up can really ease the blow on this one.

PRO: See a new city!

Even if the formal is located in a city that you have already visited, you will still get to visit new places and see it in a different light! Going to Nashville with your parents for a family reunion is completely different than spending a weekend there with a bunch of college students.

CON: It goes really badly…

If your weekend with your date is straight up terrible, there’s really no worse feeling than being out of town sharing a bed with someone you hardly even know. Also, once you get back to campus there will likely be awkwardness whenever you see them on campus. This will fade with time, but it’s something to be prepared for.

PRO: Start something new, or worst case, you have a new friend!

You and your date were set up for a reason- someone thought you two would get along! A set-up can be the start of something new (romantically speaking), but if not you’ll make a new friend and have some good stories.

The Decision:

Before making a decision about being set up for a fraternity formal, ask yourself a few questions…

1.     Do I know what my intentions are? Do I know what his intentions are? Are they the same?

2.     Am I willing to branch out and make new friends?

3.     Do I feel comfortable with this person? (You should definitely meet up with him for lunch or coffee ahead of time)!

4.     Am I going because I want to, or because I feel like I should?

Fraternity formals can be an exciting adventure for you and your friends, but only if you feel comfortable! A good way to try it out is by going to a sorority or athletic formal, which are local. Happy formal season, people! 

Sydney Davis is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Film & Media Studies and minoring in Writing. She loves running, exploring new cities, fashion, boating, and most importantly, Whole Foods. 
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