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Vanity Adams

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What to expect this homecoming


Homecoming has finally arrived. Whether this is your first homecoming, your second, or sadly your last: it is of no question that Homecoming is one of the highlights of being a University of Miami student. Where else can you get the opportunity to smash (literally) an old FSU car? Where else can it be socially acceptable to begin tailgating at 2 pm for an 8:30 game? Only in Miami and only at the U. With the Homecoming activities that have taken place throughout the week coming to a close, the fuel for homecoming doesn’t slow. In fact it increases with three major events coming up this weekend. We here at Her Campus Miami want you to be fully prepared for the debauchery that is sure to ensue within the next two days. That being said, here’s what you can expect this Homecoming weekend. 1. A sudden explosion of people on campus a. Homecoming is the chance for Alumni near and far to gather on campus to relive their glory days and prove to the new kiddies on campus why they were the best when they were here. If you haven’t noticed the sudden increase of people present on campus when you walk through the breezeway or eat at the rat, then you seriously need to open your eyes. Especially as the weekend draws closer, more and more people will find an excuse to be on campus, giving us as students a chance to sneak off of it…right? 2. I’m Schmacked a. Perhaps the very people who invented the word Debauchery, the popular film crew is rumored to be coming to the University of Miami to film our students in their natural habitat this Thursday and also at our tailgates this Saturday. If you’ve never heard of I’m Schmacked, go to youtube this very second and search them. Their videos tend to highlight all the fine things about the University that they visit… highlight that is in terms of student point of view. They show the best parties, the hottest girls and boys, and will definitely show those Tallanasty Seminoles why it’s great to be a cane. That is of course, if they come.

Find Matthias Kammerer DJing on South Beach


Matthias Kammerer

Sigma Phi Epsilon brother, University of Miami Student, and prominent DJ... all at the age of nineteen. It’s no question that the University of Miami attracts a vast amount of students who “into” the art of DJing, but rarely do we ever see DJ’s at the University who actually show promise, especially ones as young as Matthias. If you have never seen this Texas born gentleman on the ones and twos, then you have yet to experience music being played at its finest. I got the chance to sit down with this up and coming DJ star to let readers get some insight as to who Matthias is, both as a person and as an artist.

HC: When did you first get into Djing?
Matthias: I started DJing my freshman year in high school. It got to the point where my friends and I started DJing all the house parties. Back then it was kind of just an easy way to make money.

HC: Since then, do you consider it more of a hobby or a serious career move?
Matthias: Now, I consider it more of a career move because I’m making good money; it’s not just a hobby where I sit around and experiment with music-I actually have a passion for it now.

HCL What kind of music do you like to spin?
Matthias: I don’t really stick to one type of music when I’m DJing. Different people like different types of music. When I’m DJing, I like to read the crowd. Based on what they like or what the vibe of the atmosphere is, is what I like to play. I hate sticking to just one genre.

HC: How many hours would you say you practice?
Matthias: In terms of me practicing actual DJing, I don’t. The reason being, I DJ two to three times a week at gigs, so I use those as my “practice” times. Most of my time outside of gigs is geared to finding music and putting it together but not practicing the actual set.

The top five reasons you’re probably missing that mOment


Sex. Love it or hate it, by now you probably have had it. Whether you lost it to that amazing high school boyfriend who you most likely hate by now or you accidently had a few margaritas and decided to go home with the cutie who was feeding them to you, it’s no question that at Miami, it seems like most students have gotten busy. No matter how many times you’ve done it, chances are you haven’t had that amazing, mind blowing moment. The one that’s supposed to make your toes cringe, your eyes roll back into your head and basically make you feel like you’ve had an out-of-body experience. It’s a known fact that guys reach that point of ecstasy way more than girls could ever dream of…and here’s five reasons why you aren’t joining them.

1) You’ve got something else on your mind
Stressing over that test you forgot to study for or worrying about whether or not your best friend got home okay are all valid things to think about….after or before sex. During sex, your mind should be focusing on more intimate things. If your mind is racing with things other than how amazing your feeling then chances are you’re not going to get to your peak. Trust me when I say that you probably are well prepared for your test and someone definitely is taking care of your best friend. So push any and all things like that out of your mind and enjoy the task at hand.

Three Fashion Choices in Miami I will never understand


Miami, one of the fashion capitals of the world. University of Miami, perhaps one of the diverse campuses in Florida with people from various countries who bring their amazing culture to our beautiful campus. With such a diverse group of men and women cohabiting in one learning environment, it goes without saying that with that comes different fashion styles as well. I’m all for exploring the new fashion styles and discovering the latest trends but there is a huge difference between something that’s up and coming and something that should have never arisen in the first place. You all know the exact styles I’m talking about and if you don’t…well prepare to have your eyes opened because I guarantee after reading this, you’ll start noticing these fashion choice more and more.

Booty shorts…oops I mean high waisted shorts.
Don’t get me wrong, I love high waisted shorts as much as the next girl. You can wear them to a football game, a grove night and even to SoBe and still look fabulous but so help me God I will never understand the girls who miss the key word in the phrase high waisted shorts. More and more I am noticing a more distinct presence of butt cheeks being shown from underneath the shorts. And I’ not just talking about a discreet preview that cheeky high waisted shorts give you, I’m talking full on-I can see your bikini tan lines out. It’s not cute, it’s certainly not flattering and yet I will see more than one girl in a day wearing them. I get the saying, flaunt what you got but leave some room for mystery at least.

The Three W's of Fantasy Fest


With September starting to leave us behind and October arriving in no less than three days, the one thing on every minds is Fantasy Fest. Or at least it should be. With my hotel finally booked and my costumes well on their way to being completed, my excitement for this amazing festival is clearly evident as I bring it up in nearly every conversation I have. However much to my displeasure, I’ve discovered that a large majority of people not only didn’t know it was coming up, but to make matters worse, didn’t know what it was. So with that in mind, here’s a crash course in all things Fantasy Fest.

When is it?
Fantasy Fest takes place over two epic weeks. It starts on October 19th and goes on till the 28th. Being that we’re all students and have the unfortunate obligation of actually attending classes, you’re fantasy fest time is cut down to two epics weekends. The first being 19th through the 21st and the second being the 26th through the 28th. With that being said however, if you have any common sense at all you’ll most likely be going the weekend of the 26th as the first weekend falls on something that surpasses Fantasy Fest in its entirety: the homecoming game verses FSU!

What is it?
In laments terms? Utter Debauchery. In a more technical definition? It is the two weeks out the year where it is socially acceptable to walk around completely naked covered head to toe in paint. Need more convincing? It is a nonstop street party that takes place in Key West where you could quite literally drown in music, beads, and of course our old friend Captain Morgan. Simply put: It’s like Mardi Gras-only Halloween themed and in the Keys!

The Five Biggest Lies You'll Be Told at Miami


It’s been a little over month since we’ve all arrived back to this little thing we call paradise...or wait I mean school. Being that the “freshman” phase is over for a majority of my friends, you would think that by now we’d all be good at recognizing a lie when we’re being told one. Maybe it’s because most of us are still remembering how well our summer flings treated us; maybe it’s because we’re in the mindset of new year and new boys; or maybe it’s just because we all want to believe so badly that summer changed the John Tuckers from last year. Whatever the case, ladies, you all need to splash some cold water on your faces and look beyond the amazing bodies and dazzling smiles. With that, I bring to you the five biggest lies that you’ll ever be told during your time here at the University of Miami.

1. I’m actually a nice a guy
Funny thing about the “nice” guy is that he should never have to outright tell you that he is in fact nice. Actions speak louder than words though. Our elementary school teachers have drilled this saying into our heads long before we knew what multiplication was and it is amazing to see how relevant it is in this situation. Guys these days are getting a lot smarter, they’re figuring out that the typical douche bag persona is actually a turn off for most girls and therefore are resorting to the shadiest of tactics: pretending to be they’re something they aren’t. If within the first few conversations you have with your potential new boy, he makes comments hinting about how “nice” he is, take that as a red flag to just walk away. Chances are the nicest thing he’ll do for you is call you a cab in the morning when you leave.

Tailgating 101


There are two things that come to mind when one thinks about the University of Miami. The first? Our amazing, 24/7 vacation weather; we do in fact live where most people vacation. The second? Our football team. With football season well under way and the anticipation of our first home game running high, it is of no surprise that this week I want to talk about the one thing that comes hand in hand with a home game: tailgates. Regardless of who you’re going with, proper tailgating knowledge is in fact essential. Lucky for all you, you have me to cover it.

1. Know how you’re getting there
The beauty of the University of Miami is that they are so kind to provide transportation to and from Sun Life Stadium. But if you’re looking for the real fun, you’ll know which fraternity is providing busses to get there. If loud singing, obnoxious pride for our team and a vast number of people is your thing-then I highly recommend getting “in” with one of the fraternities and hopping on those buses. Nothing says UMiami pride then driving down the highway, screaming “It’s all about to the U” to every car passing by.

2. Know what you’re supposed to wear
The general consensus here at the University of Miami is-if its home, it’s orange. Have you ever heard the phrase “Oranging out the stadium?” By now, you should have. While our school colors are in fact orange and green, let’s be honest, nothing is more intimidating looking than a stadium filled with yelling, mostly intoxicated, fans decked out in orange. Don’t be the one person who decides to be different. We will stare and you will know you messed up.

9 Things You Should Have Learned Freshman Year


As you kiss your summer flings goodbye, fill your suitcases to the brim with clothes and return to our beautiful campus, you can’t help but notice the smell of innocence that engulfs it. The sudden crowdedness of the school walkways and strictness of the Grove scene can only mean one thing: the freshmen have arrived. Whether you’re like me, freshly upgraded to upperclassmen status, or you have the unfortunate circumstance of being even closer to your graduation days, I think we all can agree that your first year here at UM brings with it some important lessons. That being said, here’s a list of what I consider to be some of the most important lessons that freshman year should have taught you.

1. What it means to shotgun or do a keg stand
If you attend the University of Miami, chances are you are going to encounter these two terms being used on the regular basis. Knowledge of what they are and how to do them is essential in the sense that you don’t want be that freshman that stands there dumbfounded when approached by an upperclassmen. Additionally, being good at either feat promises major points with a vast majority of the male population.

2. The name of at least one bouncer in both the Grove and South Beach
There is nothing worse than arriving to a bar in the Grove or a club on South Beach and seeing the line stretch for miles. Knowing the name of the bouncer of that establishment can solve this problem. All it takes is for you to show your award winning smile, make nice, ask them how they’re doing, introduce yourself and afterwards I guarantee that every time you show up, they will let you right in (assuming of course they liked you too).

Real Talk with Junior Jonathan Fernandez


Junior Jonathan Fernandez isn’t your average Beta Theta Pi brother. Known around campus as the infamous “Jfern,” this Jersey native is taking on the world of podcasts and adding something new and interesting to his resume. If you haven’t yet listened to Real Talk with J_Fern, you are missing out on what might be one of the funniest and most raw radio shows I have heard in long time. I sat down with Jfern recently to give our readers a little more insight in the amazingness that is "Real Talk with J_Fern."

Q: When did you launch Real Talk?
A: I launched Real Talk around the second or third week of June.

Q: What made you decide to do it in the first place?
A: I started listening to some podcasts from comedians last year and I just figured that if they could do it, so could I. In my eyes, it would be a fun way to share the crazy antics of my friends and I and to bring some realness to the radio waves.

Q: What kind of topics do you talk about?
A: A lot of music, TV and some sports. A majority of the time though, it’s me answering weird questions that people ask, which I actually prefer because it’s always fun and makes the podcast that much more interesting

Q: Who are some of your influences when it comes to radio talk?
A: I listen to Joe Rogan and Bill Billburr a lot and I kind of get some ideas off of the stuff that they do but for the most part, I kind of just do my own thing and its been working so hey, I must be doing something right.

Walk of Shame 101


As the school year winds down to a close, it has come to my attention that out of any and all possible issues that I have addressed on here, the most prominent one has been left out. Whether you’re saying sayonara to your freshman year or have reached that stage of “I’m not really leaving here am i?” (seniors, I’m talking to you), the issue that most girls, and even guys, can relate to is the ever so popular Walk Of Shame.  You all know what I’m talking about too - those girls who stumble in at ten, eleven, and sadly sometimes one in the afternoon, with their heels in hand, makeup astray, looking down to avoid the judging stares of their respective peers.  We all look on, hiding the smirk playing upon our lips, as the smell of sex enters the room, right when you leave it. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed these girls walking through the lobby of my residential college, hoping, praying and wishing that no one notices them. Well, I’m not so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we do. Now that we are all about to embark on summer and come back into the new school year with a fresh start, it is high time I lay down some ground rules so that situations like these can be avoided.