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The Five Biggest Lies You’ll Be Told at Miami

It’s been a little over month since we’ve all arrived back to this little thing we call paradise…or wait I mean school. Being that the “freshman” phase is over for a majority of my friends, you would think that by now we’d all be good at recognizing a lie when we’re being told one. Maybe it’s because most of us are still remembering how well our summer flings treated us; maybe it’s because we’re in the mindset of new year and new boys; or maybe it’s just because we all want to believe so badly that summer changed the John Tuckers from last year. Whatever the case, ladies, you all need to splash some cold water on your faces and look beyond the amazing bodies and dazzling smiles. With that, I bring to you the five biggest lies that you’ll ever be told during your time here at the University of Miami.

1. I’m actually a nice a guy
Funny thing about the “nice” guy is that he should never have to outright tell you that he is in fact nice. Actions speak louder than words though. Our elementary school teachers have drilled this saying into our heads long before we knew what multiplication was and it is amazing to see how relevant it is in this situation. Guys these days are getting a lot smarter, they’re figuring out that the typical douche bag persona is actually a turn off for most girls and therefore are resorting to the shadiest of tactics: pretending to be they’re something they aren’t. If within the first few conversations you have with your potential new boy, he makes comments hinting about how “nice” he is, take that as a red flag to just walk away. Chances are the nicest thing he’ll do for you is call you a cab in the morning when you leave.

2. I like you but I’m not ready for a commitment
Okay, so you’ve made it to the consistent hook up phase. Congratulations, you’ve got something that makes him coming back for more. But at a certain point, you can’t help but wonder if these late night visits are ever going to break daylight and if so, then when? Maybe you did what never should be done and actually started having feelings. Maybe in the heat of the moment you decide to tell him. If he hits you with this beauty of a line, not only should that be a slap in the face to you, but you should probably mentally slap him in the face for wasting your time. I don’t know what it is about the boys here at Miami but the word commitment is more deadly than drinking warm beer at a tailgate.

3. I’m only seeing you
I can’t tell you how many times these words have been said to me or some girl that I know. Then on the very same night, you end up walking into a bar and see the person who’s apparently only seeing you, seeing two other someones. This all goes back to the saying that by now should be drilled into your mind every time you encounter a guy at Miami: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. I can’t stress it enough. If your boy says he’s only seeing you, ask him to prove it. That way embarrassment like this can be avoided and maybe some tears can be spared.

4. The fact that I have feelings for you scares me. That’s why I’ve been a dick lately.
So you’ve been “with” this guy for quite some time now, and things have been going great when out of the blue he starts hitting you with one line texts. This slowly turns into not returning your texts or calls at all which eventually turn into blatantly ignoring you. When you finally confront him when you see him out on a Thursday night, and he hits you with this line, that’s your cue to just laugh and walk away. At that point, it’s all you can do. Nothing drives a girl crazy more than trying to figure out what they did wrong to endure the silent treatment. And girls, if you realize that this is happening-most of the time it’s not worth confronting because chances are he isn’t and never was worth your time anyway.

5. This time will be different
This line has got to be my favorite line of all time. Chances are while attending the University of Miami you are going to find yourself dealing with these types of guys on a regular basis. Chance are these guys are going to want a second chance because let’s face it, you’re beautiful. But if they hit you with this line, you best be like Kelly Clarkson and just walk away because almost every time, he’s lying and it’s won’t be any different from when you were miserable 2 months ago.

Being lied to is awful. Being lied to by someone who you could potentially have romantic feelings for is even worse considering the amount of time you tend to invest in the person. But a very wise upperclassmen female once told me to just go with the flow and to never take anything a boy says seriously. In every way, shap, and form, she’s right. Go out and dance obnoxiously with your girlfriends, meet those guys you can eventually call your brothers, make those amazing grades and last but not least, find something that inspires you. And then when you do find it, hold onto it as tight as you can. Let the rest fall into place when its ready to.

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