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What to expect this homecoming

Homecoming has finally arrived. Whether this is your first homecoming, your second, or sadly your last: it is of no question that Homecoming is one of the highlights of being a University of Miami student. Where else can you get the opportunity to smash (literally) an old FSU car? Where else can it be socially acceptable to begin tailgating at 2 pm for an 8:30 game? Only in Miami and only at the U. With the Homecoming activities that have taken place throughout the week coming to a close, the fuel for homecoming doesn’t slow. In fact it increases with three major events coming up this weekend. We here at Her Campus Miami want you to be fully prepared for the debauchery that is sure to ensue within the next two days. That being said, here’s what you can expect this Homecoming weekend. 1. A sudden explosion of people on campus a. Homecoming is the chance for Alumni near and far to gather on campus to relive their glory days and prove to the new kiddies on campus why they were the best when they were here. If you haven’t noticed the sudden increase of people present on campus when you walk through the breezeway or eat at the rat, then you seriously need to open your eyes. Especially as the weekend draws closer, more and more people will find an excuse to be on campus, giving us as students a chance to sneak off of it…right? 2. I’m Schmacked a. Perhaps the very people who invented the word Debauchery, the popular film crew is rumored to be coming to the University of Miami to film our students in their natural habitat this Thursday and also at our tailgates this Saturday. If you’ve never heard of I’m Schmacked, go to youtube this very second and search them. Their videos tend to highlight all the fine things about the University that they visit… highlight that is in terms of student point of view. They show the best parties, the hottest girls and boys, and will definitely show those Tallanasty Seminoles why it’s great to be a cane. That is of course, if they come. 3. Brawls on brawls on brawls a. Let’s be honest everyone, the Homecoming football game isn’t just ANY football game. It’s ESPN Primetime. It’s the Hurricanes verses the Seminoles and it’s going to bring about it more fights than anyone can even fathom. Despite the expected police security we are supposed to be having at Sunlife, there’s always that drunken fan that likes to start something. If I were you, I’d walk the other way if you see something about to happen. That one moment of adrenaline is not worth dealing with the court appearances to come. 4. The one hookup you swore you’d never see again a. We all have that one embarrassing hookup. Maybe you were a little too drunk and didn’t realize who you were with until the morning after or maybe he got to you at the right time and standards went out the window….either way you took comfort in never seeing him again because he was a senior and he was graduating. Well, I’ll bet you did a double take when you saw that person shot gunning a beer alongside your friends. Homecoming is the one time where everyone near and far can get together in one place and yes that means your former flame. So when this happens to you, just smile and walk the other way…unless of course he got hot with adulthood-in that case take full advantage.

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