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Tailgating 101

There are two things that come to mind when one thinks about the University of Miami. The first? Our amazing, 24/7 vacation weather; we do in fact live where most people vacation. The second? Our football team. With football season well under way and the anticipation of our first home game running high, it is of no surprise that this week I want to talk about the one thing that comes hand in hand with a home game: tailgates. Regardless of who you’re going with, proper tailgating knowledge is in fact essential. Lucky for all you, you have me to cover it.

1. Know how you’re getting there
The beauty of the University of Miami is that they are so kind to provide transportation to and from Sun Life Stadium. But if you’re looking for the real fun, you’ll know which fraternity is providing busses to get there. If loud singing, obnoxious pride for our team and a vast number of people is your thing-then I highly recommend getting “in” with one of the fraternities and hopping on those buses. Nothing says UMiami pride then driving down the highway, screaming “It’s all about to the U” to every car passing by.

2. Know what you’re supposed to wear
The general consensus here at the University of Miami is-if its home, it’s orange. Have you ever heard the phrase “Oranging out the stadium?” By now, you should have. While our school colors are in fact orange and green, let’s be honest, nothing is more intimidating looking than a stadium filled with yelling, mostly intoxicated, fans decked out in orange. Don’t be the one person who decides to be different. We will stare and you will know you messed up.

3. Know in your head which tailgates you’re going to visit ahead of time
The minute you step off the buses, the overwhelming aroma of drunken fun and possible actions to later on regret hits the air. While I personally have never been to another school’s tailgate, I can’t help but have an overwhelming sense of pride for ours. The parking lot literally crawls with tailgates and so knowing ahead of time where you want to go is crucial. Almost every organization at UM throws down amazing tailgates, it wouldn’t be fair to them if you only graced one with your presence (although if you spot a cutie then hey why not jump on that opportunity).

4. Tissue Paper is a must
We’ve all experienced it: the dreaded porter potty experience. Take your past encounters with one, add a few drunken students and alumni on top of blazing hot weather and my friends, you have one of the best times of your entire life. Not only will you most likely be waiting in a long line, the possibility of there being toilet paper in the stall is about as likely as Sebastian losing in the capital one challenge (did you vote?!). I cannot stress it enough; make sure you have at least a small package of tissues with you! You’ll thank yourself, and me, later.

5. MIPS…not for me.
Minor in possession. Those dreaded three words on a piece of paper can easily ruin any tailgating experience you may be having. It’s pretty much common sense when it comes to dealing with MIP’s-be smart about what’s in your hand, drop whatever you have whenever you see a representative of Miami’s finest heading your way and don’t be causing a scene.

6. Last but not least: STAY HYDRATED.
And by hydrated, I do mean with water. It’s going to be hot and i packed and trust me, it’s going to be a long day. Be smart about what you choose to drink. Alternate every red solo cup with at least half a bottle of water; after all we all want to be conscious enough to see our amazing victory against Bethune Cookman.

School is becoming more and more pointless this week as Saturday fast approaches. The Cane spirit that is in the air is almost overwhelming ,but with a school and a team like ours, it’s hard not to be those crazy fans. You have your tailgating knowledge, now go forth and use it to the best of your ability. And remember: It’s great to be a Miami Hurricane.

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