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Three Fashion Choices in Miami I will never understand

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

Miami, one of the fashion capitals of the world. University of Miami, perhaps one of the diverse campuses in Florida with people from various countries who bring their amazing culture to our beautiful campus. With such a diverse group of men and women cohabiting in one learning environment, it goes without saying that with that comes different fashion styles as well. I’m all for exploring the new fashion styles and discovering the latest trends but there is a huge difference between something that’s up and coming and something that should have never arisen in the first place. You all know the exact styles I’m talking about and if you don’t…well prepare to have your eyes opened because I guarantee after reading this, you’ll start noticing these fashion choice more and more.

Booty shorts…oops I mean high waisted shorts.
Don’t get me wrong, I love high waisted shorts as much as the next girl. You can wear them to a football game, a grove night and even to SoBe and still look fabulous but so help me God I will never understand the girls who miss the key word in the phrase high waisted shorts. More and more I am noticing a more distinct presence of butt cheeks being shown from underneath the shorts. And I’ not just talking about a discreet preview that cheeky high waisted shorts give you, I’m talking full on-I can see your bikini tan lines out. It’s not cute, it’s certainly not flattering and yet I will see more than one girl in a day wearing them. I get the saying, flaunt what you got but leave some room for mystery at least.

Ugg Boots….in general
Oh Ugg boots, how comfortable you are to wear…in the winter. I will never understand the girls who choose to wear these all day, every day and no I’m not exaggerating. We live in a constant eighty degree weather, rain or shine its always hot and humid here with the rare exception that it drops to seventy in December. How girls manage to walk from class to class wearing Ugg boots is a notion far beyond my mental capacity. Just the mere thought of wearing my babies outside the cool temperature of my house makes me highly uncomfortable. Major props to those girls but seriously you might want to rethink your choice footwear.

If anyone knows me well enough, you know that I have an obsession with heels that is borderline unhealthy. But even I know there is a time and place to rock these babies and to and from class is not one of them. I can understand a cute sandal wedge to go with a sundress but some girls just take it above and beyond wearing six inch stilettos to class. I’m all for high fashion and looking your best but let’s face it, we don’t go to school on the Upper Eastside. This isn’t an episode of Gossip Girl. Save the stilettos for where they’re meant to be used: on the streets of South Beach.

I could go on and on about strange fashion trends found on and around our campus but in my mind these were the three prominent ones. If you’ve got the confidence to rock them then by all means be different but if you’re going to abuse the high wasted jean trend, please tie a jacket around your waist and spare us all the details.

Jackie Salo is a freshman at the University of Miami School of Communication. Currently, she writes for The Miami Hurricane. In high school, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper The Courant. The paper won various awards such as the 2009 American Scholastic Press Association's Best Newspaper First Place with Special Merit award, the only paper in the Northeast to do so. Jackie has had work published in The Long Island Press, and Boating Times Long Island where she interned. She was the Quill Awards Most Outstanding Journalist of the Year and was the only high school student to be recognized by News Channel 12 for High School Journalist of the Year.