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Megan Lawler

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Julian Sipiora 14'


Photos By: Lindsay Nardini

There are always “firsts” that we experience here at HerCampus Illinois State, and when this week’s Valentines Day Campus Cutie strolled into our meeting spot with 5 of his best friends in tow as his “entourage”, that was definitely a first for me. But the minute we sat down and started talking, I knew this guy was a charmer. He had some silly answers, and with the help of his friends some downright hilarious ones, but read on to find out what a deep-down sweetheart this week’s Campus Cutie really is.

Name: Julian Sipiora

Age: 21

Year in school: Senior

Major: Marketing


HerCampus Illinois State: What are you involved with on campus?

Julian Sipiora: Intramural sports, president of NARP (Non athletic regular people), Volunteer your time at the soup kitchen and the animal shelter


HC: Fun fact about you?

JS: I am 50% Puerto Rican.


HC: What are your plans for after gradution?

JS: Im going to Europe with a few good friends then moving to Milwaukee where I have a job lined up for me and starting a new life.


HC: How would your friends describe you?

*And this question was easy since Julian had brought about 5 of his friends with him!*

Favorite holiday movie?


Curtis Washburn '14


Photos by: Lindsay Nardini

Ladies, if you're looking for an adorable guy who has a small-town humbleness and a great sense of humor, look no further than this weeks campus cutie, Curtis Washburn. Curtis is a Netflix-loving senior who loves baseball and pizza and says his parents are his biggest role models (aww!). Unfortunately for us, this is his last year at the Ilstu, but keep reading to find out where you can spot this country boy on campus!

Name: Curtis Washburn

Age/Graduation year: 22

Major: Agriculture Business

Hometown: Kansas, Illinois


HerCampus ISU: To start off with a few festive Halloween questions, what are you planning on being for Halloween?

Curtis Washburn: I love Mad Men so I’m gonna be Don Draper

HC: Very classy. What about your favorite Halloween candy?

CW: Snickers or Jolly Ranchers

HC: What is your involvement on campus?

CW: I’m in the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and NAMA, an agriculture marketing club.

HC: Who is your role model?

CW: My Parents. They are really honest and hard working people. I look up to them a lot, probably more than they know. They are the most genuine people I know.

HC: Aww! Too cute. What’s your favorite food?

Laying Down The Law: My Happy List


Laying Down The Law: My Happy List

HerCampus ISU Loves Our Back-To-School Surivival Kit!


A few days ago, our HerCampus ISU Team excitedly got to open our first ever Back-To-School Survival Kit courtesy of the lovely ladies at HerCampus Nationals! The boxes were full of goodies from our friends at Neuro Energy Drink, Poppin, Chipotle, Luna Protien Bars, and SK Energy Shots. 

1. One of the first things in our Surivival Kit was FOUR cases of Neuro Sonic Energy drink. When we say four, we literally mean four HUGE cases of this stuff. I personally had never heard of Neuro Sonic before but after seeing the awesome packaging and reading up on it's benefits, I was stoked to try it. Now, I am not a huge fan of energy drinks, even during finals I am hesitant to buy them. They always make me jittery and feel wired and than once they wear off im left feeling tired and groggy. So I was pleasently surprised when though I could feel a definite alertness and focus after drinking my first Neuro, I never felt the downing effects of it. I will be handing out Neuro Sonics to all of our writers at our next meeting this Sunday and can't wait for them all to try them!

Hit the Books With Cute, Comfy Must-Haves From PINK!


Heading back to campus means hitting the books. If you’re anything like us, you want to be as comfortable as possible for those long hours in the library, but also cute! Though free t-shirts, gym shorts, and oversized sweats are tempting when you're looking for study clothes, they're certainly not the most fashionable. Luckily, PINK has a ton of new items in their Campus Essentials collection that do just the trick. I styled two of my favorite items  - a pink v-neck and a super warm zip up hoodie – to create comfortable, cute back-to-school looks!

A cheap white t-shirt would be fine, but doesn't pink just make you happier? It's also so soft, you'll never want to take it off!

Honestly, who doesn't love a warm, neutral hoodie? It goes with everything and is the perfect thing to throw on when the A/C is still blasting! 

Check out the PINK Fall must-haves yourself and let us know your favorites! 

Pink V-Neck Gray Hoodie

Laying Down the Law: Stay Single, San Diego


**Editors Note: much of this blog is fictional (i.e. it's not really true. I swear on Beyonce's weave) and I promise you, males of ISU, that I am not the second coming of Taylor Swift.

Laying Down the Law: Stay Single, San Diego


Meet The HerCampus ISU Writers!


Photos By: Lindsay Nardini


The HerCampus ISU Staff


You've read our articles, now take some time to get to know a little bit about the lovely ladies behind the stories! We've put together bios on all your favorite HerCampus ISU Writers, so read on to get to know us!


Megan Lawler - Editor-In-Chief

HerCampus ISU Staff Picks: Best Drug Store Makeup


Megan Lawler: Maybelline’s Great Lash Original Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara since I first started wearing makeup in high school and have sworn by it ever since. I’ve tried other drug store brand mascaras and have been nothing but disappointed. This Maybelline Great Last Original Mascara mascara comes in shades ranging from browns, blacks, and even clear. It helps your lashes look thick and full while making your eyes really pop. I recommend this mascara to all my friends and at a price of around $6.00, I would consider it a steal.

Katie O’Rourke: Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes.

Just like Megan, I love Maybelline's mascara line, as well! Fun fact: One Great Lash mascara is sold every 1.7 seconds. This product is one I cannot live without. Their new and improved wand reaches hard to get lashes and it adds tremendous length! Great Lash is also known to be “America’s Favorite Mascara.”  As college women, we have to survive on a budget so the low price of only $5 is perfect!

Ali Hutzler: CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer

Eddie Sak '16


Photos by: Lindsay Nardini

Name: Eddie Sak

Year: Freshman

Major: Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Aurora

Relationship Status: Single

If anyone knows how to win a girl over, it’s this week’s adorable Campus Cutie Eddie Sak. After giving me a big hug, one of the first things Eddie did was ask if he could buy me a drink at the coffee shop we met up at in Uptown Normal. Not only is this guy a charmer, but with his great smile and witty sense of humor he manages to make all the girls swoon. Advice on how to win him over, ladies? He says to “just be yourself.” I left our interview with a huge smile and could not be more excited to announce this week’s campus cutie: Eddie Sak.

 HerCampus ISU: So Eddie, tell us a little about yourself. What are you involved with on campus?

Eddie Sak: I’m in the fraternity Sig Ep. I was also on the Ultimate Frisbee Team but I never went to a practice so, not sure if that counts of not.

HC: We can put it down! Now, who would you say your role model is? Or who do you look up to?