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    Five Ways to Rock a Flannel Shirt

    Yes, I know it’s technically spring now, but Vermont is still freezing, so I’m going to hold onto my flannel for as long as possible. It’s...

  • Spring Break Essentials

    Finally! After weeks and weeks of putting off school work, only to do it the day before it's due... phew, it's time for a break. Have your...

  • How to Style Black Leather Pants

    There are always those few clothing and beauty looks that make us feel exceptionally powerful. Whether you’re sporting hot red lipstick,...

  • Amanda Rivkin '15

    Name: Amanda Rivkin Year: Junior Originally From: Manhasset Hills, New York Major: Community Entrepreneurship Relationship Status: Single...

  • Apple Picking Galore

    Have you gotten your fix on this season's apple and pumpkin picking? We took advantage of the beautiful weather and stepped into fall bliss!

  • Josh Goldsmith '14

    Name: Josh Goldsmith Year: Senior Originally from: Syosset, NY Major: English/Business Relationship Status: Single...

  • Ryan O'Leary '14

    Name: Ryan O'Leary Year: Junior Orignally from: Millbury, MA Major : Nursing Relationship Status: Single ryan1.jpg College Life What are...

  • My Life is GrUV: A Night on the Town

    It’s the end of the semester, which means it’s time to celebrate. What do UVMers do around here for fun? If you’re looking for a good time...

  • Andrew McIsaac '13

    Name: Andrew McIsaac
 Year: Senior
 Originally From: Osterville, Massachusetts Major: Economics 
 Relationship Status: Single

  • UVM Concerts Bureau

    It’s the last month of school, which means warmer weather, barefoot people, skipping class for sunbathing, but most importantly Springfest...

  • Alex Perkins '15

    Name: Alex Perkins
 Year: Sophomore
 Originally From: Nantucket, MA
 Major: Mechanical Engineering
 Relationship Status: Taken

  • Oscar Looks To Love and Learn From

    I was completely blown away the looks at the Oscars this year. Stunning. One that stood out to me in particular was Charlize Theron. Not...

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