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Ellen Reinhardt

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Comida Para la Gente: "Bring Your Culture to the Table"


Celebrate Latino culture through food, dancing, and performances featuring Rey Vega’s Latin Jazz ensemble, “Laisse Tomber” a local dance company, as well as a pop up art gallery featuring UVM photographers, painters and much more! See the Facebook event page for more information.

Who are you most excited to see at Springfest?


Five Ways to Rock a Flannel Shirt


Yes, I know it’s technically spring now, but Vermont is still freezing, so I’m going to hold onto my flannel for as long as possible. It’s cozy and (when worn right) stylish. Flannel? Stylish? Become inspired by these five different styles and let out your inner flannel fashionista!

1) Polished prep: Pair a fitted flannel button-down with a tailored blazer (or cardigan), skinny jeans, and ballet flats for a polished, preppy look. 

2) Over a dress: You can wear your flannel as a jacket over a dress, and if you want your waist more defined try pairing with a braided leather belt.

3) Under a sweater: While it’s still bitterly cold, pull a cute sweater over the flannel shirt and wear with black jeans and boots. It’s simple and adds a pop of color!

4) With shorts: When it warms up, hold onto the flannel a little longer by wearing it with frayed shorts and a cozy vest. 

Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit


Nothing wins our hearts over quiet like a care package full of goodies to overindulge in! Thanks to Her Campus and their partners, we were able to try out a good amount of awesome products that keep us feeling (and looking) great every day! From filtered water bottles, to a new drink to help you sleep, we tried them all so you can love them as much as we did!

Who ever thought a person could fall in love with a water bottle? The Bobble filter water bottle is the perfect way to get delicious, clean water when you want it! Another plus? It's awesome for those hardcore cardio sessions when drinking out of a Nalgene is near impossible -- We all know the "that's not water I splashed all over my shirt, that's my sweat" excuse.

After I finished my intense cardio session, I hopped in the shower with ZOTO's Biotera Ultra Color Care conditioner. The paraben-free formula helps out dry and damaged hair (much needed after the winter we've had). Without adding weight, Biotera kept my hair feeling smooth and healthy all day. And talk about smooth! Tresemmé's 7 Day Keratin Smooth System had me running my fingers through my hair. As a set of 3, the starter set makes you feel like you just stepped out of the salon.

Spring Break Essentials


Finally! After weeks and weeks of putting off school work, only to do it the day before it's due... phew, it's time for a break. Have your suitcase packed yet? Of course not, you put that off too, and you leave tomorrow. Well no worries because HC UVM cares about your well-being, and therefore we will help you with your packing list. So, what are you doing for spring break?

Lounging on a beach. Warm sand under your feet, a fruity drink in your hand, gazing at the beautiful sunset setting over the ocean... yeah yeah. Don't forget these beach essentials!

Going from town to the beach, you'll probably need a stylish coverup so you're not walking around in your bikini downtown. Awkward. Try this fun turqouise one from Victoria's Secret. This towel from the Peter Pilotto® for Target® collection would be a cute, and necessary, accessory.

Going skiing. Instead of spending spring break getting a tan on the beach, you’ve decided to bundle up and hit the slopes. 

How to Style Black Leather Pants


There are always those few clothing and beauty looks that make us feel exceptionally powerful. Whether you’re sporting hot red lipstick, sky-high heels, or a colorful statement necklace, we all have our trends we wear with confidence. One trend I’ve always admired but had yet to try was rocking the leather pants (fake leather, of course). I don’t know if it’s just my secret desire to be Catwoman, or a sexy, mysterious city diva, but leather pants are one of those clothing items I drool over.

Add a fun new piece to your closet this winter and make it yours! You can style leather pants in so many different ways. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Outfit One: Pair the black pants with a slightly oversized cozy sweater, maybe a daring animal print accessory, and some matching black boots to make your legs look like they go on forever!

Outfit Two: Black on black is not only acceptable- it’s totally chic! If you want to add some color, try switching up your footwear or accessories with pops of red, hot pink, emerald green, or metallic gold/silver.

Amanda Rivkin '15



Name: Amanda Rivkin

Year: Junior

Originally From: Manhasset Hills, New York

Major: Community Entrepreneurship

Relationship Status: Single

College Life

What is your campus involvement? I am involved with the UVM Club Fencing Team, Hillel, and the Pottery Co-op

Why did you choose your major? I want to open my own business someday

Best study spot on campus? My bedroom (I have a room to myself)

Weirdest thing you've encountered at UVM? When I saw a bunch of naked boys running around campus and then went swimming in the fountain late at night

Favorite thing to do on the weekend? I love to go shopping on Church Street

What is your favorite hobby? Flying trapeze

What is something you have done in your life you are most proud of? I fenced in the Junior Olympics

Fun Facts

Favorite movie? The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite TV show? Revenge

Are you also a flannel fanatic like most at UVM? No, I probably own like two flannels. I’ve been going the preppy route lately.

Biggest pet peeve? I hate when people whistle. Don’t do it.

Favorite season? Winter

Top 3 most played songs on your iPod? “San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s, “The People I Know” by Eric Hutchinson, and “Babylon” by David Gray

What to Know Before You Sign Your Lease


It might seem too early to start thinking about housing for next year if you’re a sophomore or a junior, but the truth is most people have already signed their lease. Fall is not only a time for foliage and pumpkins; it’s the time for apartment hunting, too! The topic of leasing can be a complicated and tricky one, so make sure to take advantage of all of your resources. UVM provides support for off-campus housing students through the Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR). On their resources website, just log in (it’s free!) and you will find all you need to know about living in Burlington. Here are some highlights for what you should know before you sign your lease:


My Life is GrUV: Pinterest's Best DIY Halloween Ideas



It is always so easy to procrastinate on Pinterest. Every day there is something new to look at, especially with a holiday only a couple weeks away. It didn’t take long to discover great ideas for Halloween. Check out some of the best DIY Halloween projects below for some spooky inspiration!


Trash Bag Spider Webs: They're easy to make, cheap, and look great! Just cut up some trash bags (the link to the tutorial gives you all the details) and viola! Done!

Halloween Silhouette Windows: Here's another easy way to decorate your windows! Just cut up some black construction paper depicting Halloween scenes, then place orange tissue paper behind to give off an eerily glow!

Chicken Wire Ghosts: Ok, so this idea isn't exactly dorm or apartment friendly, or even easy to do, but it was definitely one of the best DIY Halloween ideas I've seen so far. The picture pretty much says it all!


Chills and Thrills: Local Halloween Events



With Halloween only a few weeks away, it seems as if fall is leaving us just as quickly as it came. Have you already started planning your costume? If you’re like me, then you’ve been thinking about it since the beginning of September. The only problem is, where are you supposed to wear it? Quirky Burlington offers a few ghoulish gatherings for us to show off our creative ensembles. So drop that bag of candy corn (or take it with you) and turn off Hocus Pocus (don’t worry, it will be on later) and check out these awesome local Halloween events to get you in a spooktacular mood!


Like to dance? Whether you’re a natural at walking like an Egyptian, or know all the words to “Monster Mash,” perhaps one of these Halloween shindigs will strike your fancy:

Saturday, October 26th- The Boogieman! is Higher Ground’s very own Halloween costume ball. Not only is there a costume contest (count me in), but also music by DJ Precious (electro, tribal, and progressive), Rue Mevlana (live electronica) and a special performance by the Green Mountain Cabaret. Tickets are only $10! The other good news? It’s 18+! Doors open at 9:30pm, then you can party all night long under the full moon.