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How to Style Black Leather Pants

There are always those few clothing and beauty looks that make us feel exceptionally powerful. Whether you’re sporting hot red lipstick, sky-high heels, or a colorful statement necklace, we all have our trends we wear with confidence. One trend I’ve always admired but had yet to try was rocking the leather pants (fake leather, of course). I don’t know if it’s just my secret desire to be Catwoman, or a sexy, mysterious city diva, but leather pants are one of those clothing items I drool over.

Add a fun new piece to your closet this winter and make it yours! You can style leather pants in so many different ways. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Outfit One: Pair the black pants with a slightly oversized cozy sweater, maybe a daring animal print accessory, and some matching black boots to make your legs look like they go on forever!

Outfit Two: Black on black is not only acceptable- it’s totally chic! If you want to add some color, try switching up your footwear or accessories with pops of red, hot pink, emerald green, or metallic gold/silver.

Outfit Three: One color that goes especially well with black leather is oxblood. It’s a dark shade of red, similar to burgundy, but has gorgeous purple and brown tones.

Outfit Four: Looking to wear leather pants in a more casual way? Pretend you’re wearing jeans- just throw on a vintage tee and your favorite Converse sneakers.

Outfit Five: Play with texture. Black leather pants are so soft and smooth, so add different textures to your outfit to give it more dimension. Try wearing a chambray button-down shirt underneath a wool sweater. Make sure the chambray is peaking out underneath! Feeling bold? Add some fur in there too (also fake, of course). Not only will you be toasty warm, but your outfit will be full of interesting details.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, so target that one trend you’ve had your eye on and just go for it!

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