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Spring Break Essentials

Finally! After weeks and weeks of putting off school work, only to do it the day before it's due... phew, it's time for a break. Have your suitcase packed yet? Of course not, you put that off too, and you leave tomorrow. Well no worries because HC UVM cares about your well-being, and therefore we will help you with your packing list. So, what are you doing for spring break?

Lounging on a beach. Warm sand under your feet, a fruity drink in your hand, gazing at the beautiful sunset setting over the ocean... yeah yeah. Don't forget these beach essentials!

Going from town to the beach, you'll probably need a stylish coverup so you're not walking around in your bikini downtown. Awkward. Try this fun turqouise one from Victoria's Secret. This towel from the Peter Pilotto® for Target® collection would be a cute, and necessary, accessory.

Going skiing. Instead of spending spring break getting a tan on the beach, you’ve decided to bundle up and hit the slopes. 

Take care of your hands and don't forget those mittens! Check out these awesome ones from Burton with a fun cuff pattern and sherling. Stay warm underneath, too, with baselayers like this hoodie from Under Armour.

Volunteering! Love the enthusiam. Look at you, spending your sping break helping others. You go Glenn Coco.

Even though you'll probably be wearing grimy work clothes most of the time, that doesn't mean you have to skip fashionable underwear. Try this bra from Patagonia, it will whick off moisture and give you enough support while you're building houses, saving dolphins, or whatever you're doing.

You'll probably want to keep your hair out of your face too, so check out these beautiful hairties from Pura Vida Bracelets! Two other reasons why these hairties are awesome? You're helping out a great cause, and we have a campus rep right here at UVM! So use the discount code CADZOW10 to get 10% off and free shipping!

Wherever sprink break brings you, have fun and remember to pack these essentials!


(Cover photo is from Kristina does the Internets, check out her fun life & style blog!)

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