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Five Ways to Rock a Flannel Shirt

Yes, I know it’s technically spring now, but Vermont is still freezing, so I’m going to hold onto my flannel for as long as possible. It’s cozy and (when worn right) stylish. Flannel? Stylish? Become inspired by these five different styles and let out your inner flannel fashionista!

1) Polished prep: Pair a fitted flannel button-down with a tailored blazer (or cardigan), skinny jeans, and ballet flats for a polished, preppy look. 

2) Over a dress: You can wear your flannel as a jacket over a dress, and if you want your waist more defined try pairing with a braided leather belt.

3) Under a sweater: While it’s still bitterly cold, pull a cute sweater over the flannel shirt and wear with black jeans and boots. It’s simple and adds a pop of color!

4) With shorts: When it warms up, hold onto the flannel a little longer by wearing it with frayed shorts and a cozy vest. 

5) With a skirt: Ok, so I cheated with this photo because the shirt isn’t flannel, it’s just a button-down with a gingham pattern. But, you get the idea. Wear your flannel over a graphic tee tucked into a cute skirt for spring!

The flannel shirt has always been UVM’s wardrobe staple, but just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to pack it away just yet!


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