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Here’s The ‘Bridgerton’ Character You’d Probably Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who burns for you? In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus is sharing all of the dirty deets when it comes to your zodiac sign. This time, we’re letting you know which Bridgerton character is your soulmate, based on your zodiac sign.

Dearest Darling Readers: As another scandalous part of Season 3 is among us, the ton is keen on hearing the juiciest gossip about which eligible members of society are the most coveted. Speculations abound in every corner of the soirée, but this author has been informed that none are quite as tantalizing as the revelations Her Campus is about to unveil. Prepare to be swept off your feet, for we are about to reveal the perfect Bridgerton partner for you, based on your zodiac sign.

As you glide across the dance floor, every step synchronized with the rhythm of your heart, you’ll realize that this connection is no ordinary affair. It is a bond forged in the very fabric of the cosmos. Your perfect partner is bound to be written in the heavens. These matches are not mere flights of fancy, but star-crossed pairings destined to bring out the very best in you. As you waltz through the grand halls and partake in the season’s endless Regency revelry, take heart in knowing that the stars have aligned in your favor.

Beneath the grand chandeliers of the season’s most esteemed gatherings, hearts are poised to flutter and fates to be sealed. Who among the dashing Bridgertons will be your ideal match? So, gather your courage and your curiosity because the moment has come to discover which Bridgerton beau or belle will complement your every trait and quirk.

Aries – Anthony

Bold Aries, with your fearless spirit and thirst for adventure, you require a partner who matches your fiery passion. Enter Anthony Bridgerton, the dashing Viscount and the eldest of the Bridgertons. He has that determination and ambition you admire, always taking charge and leading his family. His passionate and occasionally impulsive nature is a perfect match for an Aries like you.

Taurus – Will Mondrich

Oh, steadfast Taurus, your appreciation for loyalty calls for a partner who embodies reliability and charm. Look no further than Will Mondrich because he’s the definition of dependable and practical as he greatly values stability and security. As a Taurus, your grounded nature and amazing work ethic totally vibe with his steady and hardworking spirit. Plus, he’s got that gentlemen’s club thing going on – talk about commitment and dedication!

Gemini – Cressida

Witty and ever-curious Gemini, you require a partner who can keep up with your lively mind and social flair. Cressida Cowper is charming and enjoys being the center of attention at any party. Just like any true Gemini, she’s adaptable and effortlessly sociable. But watch out — she might just show her two-faced side when the ton gossip starts.

Cancer – Penelope

Dear Cancer, your tender heart and nurturing nature seek a storybook partner who cherishes home and family as deeply as you do. Penelope Featherington is nurturing, loyal, and deeply empathetic towards those she cares about. Plus, your intuition is on point! You can easily sense the vibes in any room, and even anonymously start your own society pamphlet detailing the gossip of the ton.

Leo – Daphne

Radiant Leo, your regal presence demands a partner who not only adores but also complements your brilliance. Daphne Bridgerton exudes a kind of confidence and warmth, effortlessly drawing attention and admiration wherever she goes. Her natural leadership, which is a typical trait of Leos, is often associated with the spotlight and has a magnetic presence, much like the Diamond of the Season. Together, you and Daphne create a radiant synergy, illuminating every space you grace with your shared charisma and grace.

Virgo – Kate

Practical Virgo, your keen mind and attention to detail require a partner who appreciates your intellect and dedication. Kate Sharma is the epitome of practicality, with a keen eye for detail and a heart that beats for responsibility. Just like you, she’s always on top of her game, especially when it comes to looking out for her little sister, Edwina. Kate embodies the classic Virgo traits of sharp intellect and meticulousness, making her the perfect companion for those who appreciate the power of a well-organized mind.

Libra – Benedict

Charming Libra, your love for harmony and beauty calls for a partner who can match your elegance and social grace. No one fits this description better than the charming Benedict Bridgerton. He is known for his artistic soul and an eye for beauty that rivals even yours. Together, you’ll create a symphony of beauty and harmony that’s simply irresistible.

Scorpio – Simon

Intense Scorpio, your depth of emotion and passion seek a partner who can match your fervor and mystery. Unlock the potential of your passion with the Duke of Hastings by your side. He’s not just a charming face — Simon’s a man of mystery and strength, possessing a willpower that matches your own determination. As a Scorpio, you thrive on deep connections and encounters. Simon’s intensity and mysterious allure are like a magnet for your soul. Together, you can unlock the full potential of your passion.

Sagittarius – Colin

Adventurous Sagittarius, your free spirit and love for exploration require a partner who can keep pace. Colin Bridgerton is optimistic, and always seeking new experiences, especially since he has come back from his travels. These qualities are typical of Sagittarians, who are known for their love of freedom and exploration.

Capricorn – Lord Debling

Ambitious Capricorn, your determination and practicality call for a partner who understands and supports your lofty goals. Lord Debling is known for his discipline and respect for tradition, making him the classic gentleman who finds joy in the simple beauty of nature. Together you’ll push each other to reach new heights while finding bliss in the timeless traditions that ground you both.

Aquarius – Eloise

Innovative Aquarius, your unconventional spirit and humanitarian heart seek a partner who appreciates your uniqueness. Eloise Bridgerton is independent and possesses a strong sense of individuality. These qualities are typical of Aquarians, who are known for their progressive thinking and unique perspectives that might not necessarily meet the needs of the ton.

Pisces – Francesca

Dreamy Pisces, your romantic soul and artistic inclinations call for a partner who can share in your world of fantasy and emotion. Francesca Bridgeron is gentle, sensitive, and deeply intuitive. With her delicate touch on the piano keys, she harmonizes with your imaginative spirit, creating melodies that resonate with the depths of your emotions. Together, you’ll dance through the realms of fantasy and emotion, weaving a tapestry of love and creativity that speaks to the very core of your being.


What should happen when a Bridgerton does not wish for the Ton’s unyielding gaze? #FrancescaBridgerton

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So, dear readers, let the stars guide your heart. For in the dance of love, the right partner is written in the heavens. Until next time.

Lily Brown

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Lily Brown is the Wellness Intern for Her Campus Media. She writes for the Culture, Style, and Wellness verticals on the site, including Beauty, Decor, Digital, Entertainment, Experiences, Fashion, Mental Health, and Sex + Relationships coverage. Beyond Her Campus, Lily is a rising senior at Emerson College in Boston, MA, majoring in Journalism with a Publishing minor. She works as the Creative Director for the on-campus lifestyle publication, Your Magazine, where she establishes and curates the conceptual design and content for the entire publication ranging from style, romance, music, pop culture, personal identity, and college experiences. She has written and photographed for Your Mag along with several other on-campus magazines. Lily was recently recognized for her work on YM and awarded two EVVYs for Outstanding Print Publication. In her free time, Lily maybe spends a little too much time keeping a close eye on captivating red carpet and runway fashion, and binge-watching her favorite shows. She also enjoys expressing her thoughts through creative writing, exploring new destinations, and blasting ABBA, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and Lady Gaga on Spotify. Additionally, she actively contributes to fostering a sense of community among college residents as a dedicated Residential Assistant.