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penelope from bridgerton
penelope from bridgerton
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10 ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Activities For A Regency Girl Summer

With the much-anticipated release of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1, fans of the show were again transported into the rich and lavish world of Regency-era romance, drama, and elegance. Now, as you eagerly await the release of Season 3, Part 2 in just a few weeks, this is a splendid time to immerse yourself in the show’s spirit and indulge in activities that capture the essence of the Regency period — albeit with a modern twist. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or simply looking for new ways to enjoy the summer, there are quite a few Bridgerton-inspired activities will help you channel your inner Bridgerton (or Featherington!) sibling and experience the charm of the early 19th century.

From promenading in the park to engaging in spirited games of Pall Mall, the world of Bridgerton offers many activities that can be reimagined for today’s modern lifestyle. The elegance of a Regency tea party, the thrill of learning new skills, and the joy of social gatherings are just a few ways to bring a touch of that Bridgerton energy into your everyday life. So, dust off your bonnets and gloves, gather your friends, and prepare for a Regency girl summer with these delightful activities.

Take Hot Girl Promenades

In the Regency era, promenading was a favored pastime for socializing and showcasing one’s finest attire. Today, you can channel this tradition by embarking on hot girl walks or scenic hikes. Whether strolling through a local park or tackling a challenging trail, these walks are a perfect way to enjoy nature, stay active, and perhaps even encounter some exciting conversations, just like the Bridgertons.

Go To Farmers Markets

Much like the bustling markets of the Regency period, modern farmers markets offer a delightful array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and vibrant community interaction. Spend a morning browsing different selections, tasting seasonal fruits, and supporting local vendors. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected to your community and enjoy simple pleasures like one might have done in the days of yore.

Host Tea Parties

Invite your friends for an afternoon tea party with delicate pastries, finger sandwiches, and, of course, tea. To add an extra layer of fun, encourage your guests to dress in Regency-era clothing. The elegance of the period’s fashion and the novelty of a tea party make for a memorable (and Instagram-worthy) event.

Play An Instrument

Music played a significant role in Regency society, with many young ladies expected to master at least one instrument before coming of age. Embrace this tradition by learning to play a new instrument over the summer break. Whether it’s the piano, violin, or even the harp, diving into music can be both a rewarding and relaxing experience.

Learn A New Language

In the Regency era, knowledge of multiple languages was a mark of high status and education. Today, there are numerous apps and online courses that make language learning accessible and enjoyable. (Hello, Duolingo!) Choose a language that interests you and start your multilingual journey.

Take Up Crocheting, Knitting, Or Embroidery

Handicrafts like crocheting, knitting, and embroidery were popular pastimes in the Regency period and remain enjoyable hobbies today. These crafts allow you to create beautiful items and provide a meditative and stress-relieving activity. Plus, handmade gifts are always appreciated!

Play Card Games

From whist to poker, card games are a great way to socialize and challenge your mind. You can even host a Bridgerton-themed game night with period-appropriate snacks and drinks.

Learn Pall Mall

Recreate the Bridgertons’ favorite lawn game, Pall Mall. Like croquet, this game can be played in your backyard or at a local park. It’s a fun and active way to spend time outdoors, and you might even develop a bit of friendly competition.

Go Dancing

While grand Regency balls might be a thing of the past, modern-day equivalents can still be found. Attend a formal event, a themed party, or a local dance class. Dressing up and dancing the night away will make you feel like a Bridgerton, no matter the occasion.

Read Your TBR

Lastly, indulge in some quiet time with a good book. The Bridgertons are known for their love of literature, and there’s no better way to unwind than by escaping into a new novel or updating your TBR (to-be-read) list. Let yourself be transported to another world, much like you are when watching Bridgerton.As you embrace these Bridgerton-inspired activities, you might find that adding a touch of Regency elegance to your summer is both enjoyable and enriching. So gather your friends, wear your best summer attire, and get ready for a Regency girl summer that even Lady Whistledown would envy.

Starr Washington is a member of the Her Campus National Writer Program, contributing to the lifestyle vertical. She also serves as the President of the Her Campus Chapter at her university. Currently a senior at San Francisco State University, Starr is pursuing a degree in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) with a minor in Africana Studies. Following her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue an MFA in creative writing. Starr is dedicated to showcasing her blackness in her professional work and is always rooting for black creatives, particularly in film, literature, and travel. In addition to her writing, Starr works at her university’s multicultural center, where she organizes annual events for both the campus and the Bay Area community. She was a speaker at the San Francisco State University Black Studies Origins and Legacy Commemoration, where she had the honor of sitting alongside the founders of the country's first Black Student Union. Starr teaches a course she developed called “Intro to Black Love” within SFSU’s experimental college program. In her rare free time, Starr enjoys chipping away at her TBR list (she finishes one book, then adds three more to the list), writing poetry and fiction, and spending time with her music enthusiast partner and their three-year-old German Shepherd. She is a Scorpio from Michigan.